Something Of A Surprise: Nelson Leaves Senate Race And Endorses Barnes

Despite running fourth in the polls, it is a little surprising, that with just a few weeks to go before the fall Wisconsin Primary on August 9, Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson has left the race for US Senate..and…endorsed Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes.

“We ran out of money. So I am suspending our campaign and endorsing the one candidate who is not trying to buy this election,” tweeted Nelson.

“Mandela is a good man, a good progressive, and he’ll be a strong nominee this fall,” said Nelson in a video statement.

Lt. Gov. Barnes is the current front runner but business man Alex Lasry has been spending his sizable personal wealth and has been closing that gap over the past few weeks.

Nelson has been critical of Lasry, calling him a “self-funding plutocrat.” In a recent debate, he publicly sparred with Godlewski over her failure to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Nelson’s name will still appear on the ballot alongside seven other candidates. Nelson, Barnes, Lasry, Godlewski, Kou LeePeter Peckarsky and Darrell Williams all qualified for the ballot. Olikara participated in a recent televised debate with the other four leading candidates

So will Nelson’s dropping out and endorsement of Barnes help Barnes pull further ahead of Lasry? I imagine that there will be at least one more poll released before August 9th…whether it will include Nelson in the polling or not is the question.


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