The Picture Perfect Of White Supremacy Underlying the MAGA Cult

As a lefty, I couldn’t have come up with a better symbol if I tried. Not paying attention to what the former guy has been doing I hadn’t seen this before…until it popped up in social media this week. This image is from Trump’s April 9 2022 rally in Selma, North Carolina.

This leaves absolutely no doubt about the underpinnings of the current state of the conservative cult that supports Donald Trump and the radical loonies that are kissing his posterior. I can’t think of a bolder in your face statement supporting the fact that white supremacy and the stink of American racism is all over the Republican Party in 2022. At this point I would suggest that anyone displaying the Confederate Flag outside of a museum should be summarily arrested and tried for treason. And like Nazi memorabilia in Germany, private holdings and use of the image should be banned.

[and snarky aside] for all of their precious adoration of the American Flag…they take every opportunity that they can to desecrate it…including as shown…when it serves their treasonous tendencies.


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