Speaker Vos: I Don’t Need A Tax Cut In 2023!

Yes, I am one of those retired guys living on a fixed income that you keep hearing about. And yes inflation has taken a couple of chunks out of my wallet. But right now I am willing to forgo another state income tax cut because there are some other things that Wisconsin can do that I need more.

I need the Wisconsin shared revenue to local government program fixed. And yes, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos admits it’s broken. So lets fix it. We know that public safety, police, fire. and social services are undermanned and underfunded. More than a few bucks more a year in my pocket, I need effective municipal (and county for that matter) services!!

I need our public schools funded. The Walker/Vos cabal took a pretty heavy handed approach to defunding public schools back in the day. That funding needs to be replaced and updated and public schools need to work. It’s probably fun to sit in Madison and bemoan the substandard education being received by Wisconsin students. But when those moaning have the means to fix the problem, lack of action is criminal.

I need the University of Wisconsin funded like it was in the Governor Tommy Thompson days. You remember him, he’s the patron saint of Wisconsin Republican politics (Although his positive actions to fix the UW system as interim chancellor during the pandemic got him a few RINO attributions). At the current funding rate, the State of Wisconsin isn’t even a 50% contributor to UW revenue. It feels like the state is just a major donor and not an actual responsible party anymore…despite the fact they keep micromanaging the institution. And I say this as an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I don’t want to see any of the UW institutions fall behind any further.

And I need every single resident of Wisconsin to have clean water and clean air. Period.

And let Governor Tony Evers finish fixing all the damn roads.

None of these things are partisan…these are simple quality of life issues that every individual needs and deserves. Wisconsin has $6 Billion in our budget surplus…let’s put it to good use.


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