There were no voting machine errors during the November 2022 general election in Wisconsin, new statewide audit shows

Just putting this out there without further comment:

MADISON – Voting machines counted ballots accurately during the November 2022 general election, results of a new statewide audit show.

About 222,000 ballots, or 8.4% of the total number cast during the Nov. 8 election, were audited by county and municipal clerks in the weeks following the midterm election. The survey, the largest of its kind was released this week by the Wisconsin Elections Commission. It found six human-forced errors and no problems with the functioning of ballot tabulating machines.

The results, part of a routine audit, come after years of baseless allegations of widespread instances of inaccurate voting machine tallies during the 2020 election launched by former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

Bob Spindell, a Republican commissioner, called the result “remarkable” in a commission meeting Thursday.

“(The audit) should give confidence to the people of Wisconsin that the machines worked properly,” he said.

P.S. I lied…one comment…you might want to Google Bob Spindell for more of the story!


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