Milwaukee County headed for huge deficits

The news isn’t good for Milwaukee County:

Despite repeated warnings, Milwaukee County has failed to fix deep-rooted budget problems that could blow up in a few years, says a study by the nonpartisan Public Policy Forum released Tuesday.

The county’s long-term solvency may require state or other intervention unless Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and the County Board cooperate on a long-term plan to stabilize county finances, the forum report warns.

Milwaukee County’s revenue gap could reach about $88 million by 2013 despite years of budget cutting, and what was Scott Walker’s first response? Wage and benefit cuts for union employees, because after all, union employees are the root cause of Milwaukee County’s financial problems.

Now to be fair, Milwaukee County’s looming financial crisis can’t be completely put at Scott Walker’s feet. After all, the county’s financial situation has been exacerbated by the county pension deal that led to Tom Ament’s ousting, and the current state of the economy hasn’t helped either. However, considering how Scott Walker has touted himself as a fiscally responsible County Exec (and possible governor), some blame should fall to him.


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