Feingold statement on Reid’s inappropriate comments

Speaking to WISN channel 12, Sen. Russ Feingold said he’s not certain whether to support Republican calls for Harry Reid’s resignation in the face of Sen. Reid’s inappropriate comments regarding then-Senator Barack Obama:

“I’m thinking about that and we’re going to be getting together as a caucus next week and the topic will come up. I have not decided whether these comments merit that or not. They’re very unfortunate. They should have never been said. So, I need to think about it,” Feingold said.

From what I’ve read, Democrats in the Senate seem united in their support for Harry Reid, so it will be interesting to see if Sen. Feingold stands with Democrats or if he bucks the party line.


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4 thoughts on “Feingold statement on Reid’s inappropriate comments

  1. Though unfortunate, I agree with Howard Dean that the book that reported the comments — Game Changer — is DC gossip.

    The rad right is trying to make a comparison between Reid’s comments and what happened to Trent Lott. The big difference is Lott was praising Strom Thurmond, a dried up old cracker who was a champion of racism and lynching.

    Look at what they do, not what they say. Harry Truman used the term colored to describe African-Americans, but there is no doubt where he stood on racial issues.

  2. T Wall’s all a-twitter about it… I’m sure this would have really bothered him even if he weren’t running for Senate.

  3. It’s so clear that wasn’t meant for any harm. I can’t believe it even hit the news. Anybody, regardless of party, knows the two have a great working relationship.


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