Paul Ryan, the darling of Wall Street, GOP WI-01 Gets Some Press

Paul Ryan, the darling of Wall Street, continues to get some press in the blogosphere.

Here’s two postings for you to reference:

Daily Kos “Psst, GOP:  More of this, please. Please!”

“Nonetheless, the radical plan — which effectively calls for the privatization of Social Security and Medicare — seems to be exactly what the GOP’s teabagging base is demanding.”

Down With Tyranny – “Paul Ryan Represents Wall Street– Not Racine, Not Kenosha, Not Janesville– And He Wants To Kill Your Grandparents To Balance The Budget”

“Paul Ryan has been in Congress– and has never had a tough or even semi-tough race for re-election– for a grand total of 11 years. He was a speech writer for drug czar William Bennett and worked as a legislative assistant to Sam Brownback. He’s never been chairman of anything. But Wall Street’s inexplicable $1,726,095 in donations to his career is more than they’ve ever given any Wisconsin politician from either party.

When are the voters of WI-01 going to wake up to their lack of representation?


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3 thoughts on “Paul Ryan, the darling of Wall Street, GOP WI-01 Gets Some Press

  1. “And He Wants To Kill Your Grandparents” — I thought liberals were so very offended when this type of rhetoric was used against their health care plan, but now it’s fine to describe Ryan’s plan?

    Face it, Medicare and SS have been going down the road to insolvency for quite some time now. Have any Dems proposed any ideas, other than massive tax increases (their answer to everything apparently)?

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