Dave Westlake on “Kingdom Government”

Last night Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake appeared on the “Kingdom Government” internet radio show hosted by Pastor David King, himself a Republican candidate for Wisconsin Secretary of State. During the show, King and Westlake touched on a number of issues, and here’s a recap of just a few of the issues that caught my attention.

After being asked to clarify his views on whether a woman should have the right to make her own reproductive decisions, Westlake stated unequivocally that he was in favor of a 100 percent prohibition against abortion. When questioned whether he believed that prohibition should extend to victims of rape and incest, Westlake noted cases of abortion due to rape and incest totals somewhere between .01 and .1 percent of all abortions. The actual number is closer to 1 percent of all abortions, and what’s more, it’s commonly known rape is underreported as a crime, so the number of abortions due to rape could be higher than 1 percent. In regards to cases of abortion for women whose health is in danger, Westlake did state he believed that when a mother’s life was at stake, there should be “some room” regarding abortion.

Asked to share his thoughts on cap and trade legislation, Westlake was quick to note he doesn’t believe in the idea of man-made global warming before noting his opposition to cap and trade legislation (As a side note, while I’m not a huge supporter of cap and trade, I do believe man has certainly contributed to global warming).

Asked to share his thoughts on Sen. Russ Feingold, Westlake was quick to offer praise, calling Sen. Feingold “clever” and a “gifted orator” while giving Sen. Feingold credit for winning three statewide races, which Westlake noted is a tremendous undertaking. However, Westlake added that while Sen. Feingold is masterful at “saying all the right things and putting on the right display,” he believes that after 18 years the people of Wisconsin recognize that Sen. Feingold is duplicitous, tailoring his statements to his audience even if the statements may be contradictory.


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3 thoughts on “Dave Westlake on “Kingdom Government”

  1. I’ve been hearing that contradictory statements line a lot recently. But I haven’t been offered an example.

  2. So, losing two lives is more preferable than losing one? Butcher.

    Not in case of rape or incest? Misogynist. I can rape a woman, plant my seed, and the victim is compelled to carry the child to term. I can think of better ways of perpetuating the species. Rape is not one.

    Somebody please ask him his opinion on the death penalty. I am DYING to hear what he says.

  3. Did anyone ask him his position on birth control, including the “barrier methods”. Most of these “Parental Rights for Rapists” are opposed to any form of contraception.

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