Capital Times endorses Lori Compas for Senate

The Capital Times has just endorsed Lori Compas for Wisconsin Senate over Republican incumbent Scott Fitzgerald. The endorsement is eloquently written and deserves to be read in its entirety (click here) but here are a few snippets from the editorial:

Compas would serve as a citizen-legislator. She is no careerist. She wants to fix things in Madison. And her approach is as practical as it is refreshing. She has the right priorities — respect for the essential role that public education and public services play in maintaining her district’s small towns and rural areas. But, just as importantly, she has the right style.

She is savvy, organized and passionate about serving as an independent and accountable legislator. Her election would not just remove an inept and irresponsible legislator from the Capitol. It would strike a blow against Walkerism and begin the process of healing Wisconsin.

Lori Compas has our enthusiastic endorsement. She is ready to serve, and she would serve the 13th District with a level of distinction far greater than Fitzgerald has mustered — or could be expected to muster in the future.

Lori Compas will debate Senator Fitzgerald Wednesday evening, 5/23/12, at 7pm, Jefferson High School Auditorium (700 W. Milwaukee St, Jefferson, WI). Due to construction at the High School, enter the auditorium on South Taft Street (thanks for the tip, John Foust!).

WFAW 940 will air the debate live, or you can listen online.

Go, Lori, go!


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9 thoughts on “Capital Times endorses Lori Compas for Senate

    1. I looked for you… but never saw you. I think Lori did very, very well last night. I’m surprised by the pro-Compas turn-out. Of the 700+ people there, I had the impression that it was 4:1 or 5:1 in favor of Compas.

      1. Sorry I missed you! I agree with your observations. I’ll post mine later today (I even interviewed The Mastermind aka Lori’s husband).

  1. Oh wow the Capital Times endorsement, what a coup. Eloquently written? Compared to what, the back of a cereal box? “It would strike a blow against Walkerism and begin the process of healing Wisconsin.” — Strike a blow and heal? Seems contradictory. How exactly does her winning heal anything? Instead, an entirely different group of people will be angry, when she starts raising property taxes, etc.

    1. There, there little frightened one. It will all be over soon. Don’t you worry your tiny little head about it.

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