Jeff Plale garners the support of Charlie Sykes, Scott Jensen

If there was ever even the smallest amount of doubt about which Democratic candidate should earn the support (and votes) of Democratic voters in the September 14 primary here in the 7th State Senate District, the fact that former Republican State Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen and local right-wing radio hack Charlie Sykes are supporting State Sen. Jeff Plale’s reelection should seal the deal. Both Jensen (through the American Federation of Children) and Sykes have made it clear they’d like to see Sen. Plale get reelected over Plale’s primary challenger, Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson.

With friends like Charlie Sykes and Scott Jensen in his corner, it’s no wonder Jeff Plale finds himself in a tough election fight. After all, the voters of the 7th Senate District no doubt thought they were electing a Democrat when they cast their votes to send Plale to Madison, not someone who acts like a Democrat only when it’s politically expedient.


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2 thoughts on “Jeff Plale garners the support of Charlie Sykes, Scott Jensen

  1. I am a resident of South Milwaukee and a Democrat and will vote for Jeff Pale. I believe that the Wisconsin Democratic Party can include a conservative Democrat as a State Senator. We should not put a, “Liberal Test”, on our canidates. What’s next a Tea Party of our own? Chris Larson was recruited to take Jeff out of the Senate. Someone who finds the work being a County Supervisor a hard job is not ready to represent us in the Wisconsin Senate.

    1. Patrick, I can stomach Sen. Plale’s opposition to a woman’s right to choose, and I can stomach his support for concealed carry, but ultimately I can’t stomach his too close for comfort ties to the energy, cable TV, and telephone industries.

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