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I was recently amdonished by a friend of mine, for bringing up that DA Ken Kratz was as defined by the right wing cheddarsphere as “the clear conservative choice”. She told me this was not a partisan issue and it was not fair to bring that up. I agreed and said we will see how JB Van Hollen handles this now that he knows about it.

WELL, little did I know at the time that Ken Kratz was a supporter of Van Hollen’s and that Van Hollen had the story for a year.

I join with the Capital Times in calling for an independent investigation on what JB knew and when he knew it.

Then we find out Kratz has a history of this behavior. The question is why would JB Van Hollen allow this man to continue on? did he prey on anymore women in the last year? Is winning the election that important to Van Hollen?


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3 thoughts on “More on Ken Kratz

  1. As it turns out, Kratz did prey on at least one other woman since Van Hollen was first notified about the case (and did essentially nothing). Other women have already come forward with similar accounts of Kratz’s behavior, and that’s just in the last few days. If JB Van Hollen had done the right thing a year ago, this sicko wouldn’t have been able to victimize countless other women since.

  2. The cheese fondue thickens as the cheddar starts to melt. No its not fair to bring it up but there it is staring, glaring in our faces. We have been duped (more so than others who voted for these creeps) but more or less we have all been duped.
    WI is that state that tries to sit at the front of the class and blurt our ridiculous and outlandish statements to the teacher who tries hard to ignore the creepy, booger eating kid who tries too hard.
    Ken Kratz thinks that by taking medical leave this is all going away? YOU bet he does! So do everyone else that are shirking from that little kid who just shouted ballsacks!, when the teacher asked if they were ready for lunch.
    Wisconsin has Touretttes Syndrome as to why JB decided to hold on to this info…my guess…he was comfy in his job as Kratz and figured that it the good people of WI would never stand up to any of them…ESPECIALLY a dv victim…because we are all stupid and afraid of our own shadow. NOT.

  3. I think this is just another example of how little women mean in this society…at least to the white men like Van Hollen and Kratz. It’s the “boys will be boys” mentality. Thank goodness these women had proof otherwise this story would have taken on a whole different spin…with Kratz being the victim.

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