Everything old is new again…

As much as I dislike Paul Ryan, there are people in Congress who are more self-righteous and slimy than he is(hard to believe I know), IF the republicans take over the House, probably the slimiest of all will be the new speaker. Here is a quick reminder of what might be in store.

Which just shows more silliness from the “tea parties” , they would of thrown Boehner overboard before they started throwing the Tea!!


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8 thoughts on “Everything old is new again…

  1. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t make them slimy and self-righteous. What has Ryan done that you consider him slimy?

    Also, I love the implication that the checks are somehow worse because they are TOBACCO checks. I guess when Dems do it with “noble” special interests, it is a-ok.

  2. Let me count the ways….

    * his ads the last election that had nothing to do with his philosophy and could of been made for Russ Feingold.

    * “i am like kryptonite to progressives”

    * “I am the only one trying to have an adult conversation.”

    * His hissy fits everytime someone criticizes him.

    * the fact that every single auto job has left his district in the time he has been in office.

    * One of the most dangerous places in America is between ryan and a microphone.

    and the list goes on and on and on

    as for the Boehner, its disgusting for a congressman to pass out checks from anyone on the floor, and almost as disgusting as his interview about it.

    1. And wow, NONE of those reasons meet my definiton of “slimy,” it just means you don’t like him. Thanks for clarifying.

      Feingold’s feel good ads have nothing to do with his philosophy. Does that make him slimy too?

  3. They all fit my definition of slimy, especially the way he stands up for wall st and screws janesville. The way he promotes his “roadmap” even knowing how bad it would be for his district. Or the fact that his hometown has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and he perpetually voted against extending unemployment benefits. Or maybe the big spending ryan showing up to talk at a tea party on 911 after voting against helping the true heroes of 911? These are so easy to name…..

    Actually what about Feingolds ads do you find dont represent his philosophy?

    1. First, your question about Feingold. Well his ads about his house, garage door, Elvis, hand map, etc. are fun and fluffy, but they don’t represent his philosophy. Barrett’s ad about his state fair altercation doesn’t represent his political philosophy, but his character, that doesn’t necssarily make it bad, just a fact it doesn’t address philosophy.

      Now as for Ryan being slimy. He couldn’t possibly be fighting for what he believes with the Roadmap plan now could he. What if I said YOU are slimy just for the fact that you disagree with Ryan or the fact that you are a progressive. Just because you have a different philosophy doesn’t make you slimy. I don’t think everyone on the other side is a slimy jerk, I just happen to disagree with them. I guess that’s where you and I differ.

  4. I dont think everyone on the other side is slimy either. I think when you can help put all of your neighbors out of work, then look them in the eye and tell them they are being lazy because they need help(unemployment benefits and health care) then you are slimy. The vast majority of republicans are good people and most of my friends are republicans. The elected ones are a different story, with ryan being one of the worst.

    I have no doubt he believes in his roadmap. It is hard to stand up for Main St. when you are on your knees for Wall St.

    1. Please cite your source for Ryan telling laid off workers they are lazy. Please cite how Ryan helped put his neighbors out of work. How did he do this any more than Sen. Feingold. What has Feingold or any of those “slimy” Dems (by your loose definition) done to help “Main Street.” Unless only goverment workers live on Main Street.

      1. easy enough

        * his continual voting against extending unemployment benefits, when his district needed it more than most. If he didnt come out and say it made the workers stay home and not look for a job(like many repubs did), then his reasoning was if its good for America im against it.

        * Ryan has voted for every single “free” trade and anti american worker bill he could. Hell he even voted AGAINST cash for klunkers which was a wildly successful bill for the auto industry(ie ryans district) and it was a poor bill.

        * what has Feingold done to help? see above except he voted the exact opposite way of ryan.

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