It’s rally time!

From my email inbox:

Scott Walker ran for Governor on a promise to create 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin. So far, he’s chased off more than 12,000 jobs. When not sending jobs to other states, he’s busy talking about making a good jobs less good by cutting pay for thousands of Wisconsin workers.

The campaign is over. Now it is time to hold him accountable.

Join a silent protest outside the Capitol on Inauguration Day.

11:15am – 12:15pm — Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Signs reading “WE WANT GOOD JOBS NOW!” will be available at 10:30am in the basement of The Argus Bar and Grill, 123 East Main St.

If you want to support a living wage for Wisconsin’s workers, try to attend this rally.


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2 thoughts on “It’s rally time!

  1. I mean this in all sincerity.

    All 7 of you people who read this blog are clueless morons.

    Protest? What are you protesting? Have your civil rights been violated? Are you captives of slave labor? You Greenshirts and your lemming minions pulled out every stop, every political favor owed to you by your accomplice media, and you still got your asses handed to you on a plate last November.

    You woke up one morning and your state had switched from blue to red in a manner almost without precedent. Given a choice, voters chose to collectively hurl almost every candidate your side presented to the ashbin of irrelevance. Don’t blame Scott Walker for this. Blame Mike Tate. Blame Jim Doyle. They put you in this position.

    It was high time you idealistic naivlings were dealt a healthy dose of reality. And what have you taken from this? Nothing. Not a thing. It’s everyone elses’ fault but yours. And there you go, right back to the liberal playbook, “protesting” the legitimate outcome of an election that, even with your unions throwing everything they had at the wall, wasn’t even close.

    Good God, you people are tone deaf.

    I am giddy like a school girl sitting here envisioning the dork patrol piling in somebody’s Corolla to make the big trek to Madison to stand on the steps of the Capitol looking like the fools that you are. People will be taking pictures of you to hang on their refrigerators so that they can laugh their butts off every time they take a swig of orange juice, remembering the day that 7 morons stood united to tell the world their party couldn’t produce a less milquetoast candidate for governor.

    Get a life. Seriously, you people are lunatics.

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