Milwaukee to Madison rail funds pulled & reallocated to other states

As noted by Proud Progressive yesterday, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced yesterday it is pulling all but a fraction of the $810 million allocated to Wisconsin for a high speed rail line between Milwaukee and Madison, with the money being reallocated to fund high speed rail lines in California, Florida, Illinois and nine other states.

Governor-elect Scott Walker called the decision a “victory,” but as Cindy Kilkenny has pointed out, the $810 million will still be spent, so it’s not as if the money will be returned to the treasury, so the only real winners are the states that will be receiving money that would have gone to create jobs and improve rail infrastructure here in Wisconsin. During his gubernatorial campaign, Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs during his term in office, which no doubt is a lofty goal, but despite not having taken his oath of office, Walker’s job creation total is -1,000.

But hey, maybe Scottie will still be able to do what he said he’d do and convince the feds to send that money back to fix Wisconsin’s roads!


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