Sensenbrenner shows his love of the troops…

A story that has not received many headlines, has Wisconsin’s own Jim Sensenbrenner in the spotlight. The Ferschke family from Tennessee has been in a two year battle to bring their grandson and daughter-in-law to TN to live with them. Unfortunately they will not be able to bring their son, Marine Sgt. Michael Ferschke, home because he was killed in Iraq on Aug. 10, 2008. As this story points out,

A Maryville woman who is trying to bring her widowed Japanese daughter-in-law and infant grandson permanently to East Tennessee said Thursday that she feels like her family is caught in the middle of a political game in Congress.

‘It’s insane,’ said Robin Ferschke, whose Marine son was killed in Iraq shortly after he married the young Japanese woman. ‘They just don’t care how much pain they are putting us through, what they are doing to this family. They are tearing us apart.’

Ferschke’s two-year battle to move her daughter-in-law, Hotaru ‘Hota’ Ferschke, and 22-month-old grandson, Mikey, to the United States suffered another setback this week when a bill that would give the young woman permanent residency status stalled in the U.S. House.

U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., and a key member of the House Judiciary Committee, is stopping efforts to fast-track the bill and move it directly to the House floor for a vote. Sensenbrenner’s objections appear to doom the bill’s chances of passing this year.

Proving yet again, that the republicans love the troops**!

**(just don’t complain, get sick, get injured, or killed).


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