A Nice Distraction…

After the heaviness of the weekend and snowblowing this morning, I saw this in the Journal Sentinel. A composite of the Brewers Minor League system, to see that they did not trade away the whole farm system. Here is a Cliff notes version:

For those interested in the bottom line, here are his results:

1 RHP Mark Rogers
2 RHP Cody Scarpetta
3 RHP Wily Peralta
4 RHP Kyle Heckathorn
4 OF Kentrail Davis
6 RHP Amaury Rivas
7 2B Scooter Gennett
8 OF Caleb Gindl
9 RHP Jimmy Nelson
10 RHP Tyler Thornburg

I liked seeing that at least one of the writers at Cutter Dykstra on his list, I was a big fan of his dads! I also would like to see a LHP(or two) on the top ten list! Spring Training is just around the corner.


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2 thoughts on “A Nice Distraction…

  1. The Brewers’ farm system may not be as stocked as most after their offseason moves, but I’d rather have proven talents like Marcum and Greinke than prospects who may or may not pan out.

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