Sometimes reality sets in….

After today’s Inaugeration, one of the first things that Governor Walker did, No not the right wing extreme bills, nor did it have anything to do with jobs(surprise surprise). The first action that Scott Walker took when he became Governor was he authorized the Attorney General to join the health reform lawsuit. Not only did he decide to immediately waste valuable Wisconsin taxpayers resources, he also decided to help his Lieutenant Governor keep Wisconsinites away from health care.

The problem that comes with extreme ideology is that people in the real world are hurt by it. While the Walker/Kleefisch tciket are busy trying to raise their national profile with more extreme positions, The Caudles are just trying to survive.

A year ago, the Caudles’ story in the Journal Sentinel spread across the Internet, fed by a divisive health care debate that led, at last, to passage of President Barack Obama’s landmark reform bill.

A year later, the issue remains with us. The new law faces challenges in the courts and from the new Republican majority in the House.

Like many Americans, though, the Caudles are not so much debating the health care issue as living it.

Joining the Army was the answer Bill Caudle came up with after getting laid off last year from his longtime job at the plastics company PolyOne. He simply could not find work, and Michelle needed the health coverage. By then she had been fighting cancer for almost three years.

While I admire Bill greatly for doing what he has to do to provide for his family and serve our country at the same time. On the other hand I get disgusted when politicians use their own position to completely ignore the real world ramifications of their actions. It saddens me to think that when Bill and Michelle need to be together the most, they are a country apart. The question is how much more “Republican Family Values” can our society take. Maybe when the Caudle’s are apart for Doctor visits or when Bill misses his grandchildren, they can take solace in the fact that soon Wisconsin will no longer have same day voter registration.


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