two sides of the union coin.

Two recent stories in the news lately could not have shown the two sides of the union debate any clearer.

1. The con side of the issue is brought to us by Newsmax and our our own Governor Walker. Even though we are “broke” as a state, Governor Walker had to use taxpayer dollars and fly to Florida to find a friendly “media” outlet.

On Friday, Gov. Walker visited Newsmax and its CEO, Christopher Ruddy, at the company’s West Palm Beach, Fla. headquarters. In his exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV — part of a national tour to drum up national support for his dramatic fight against public unions who are seeking recall elections of Walker allies in the Wisconsin legislature — the Republican governor says there is no way any legitimate recount would result in a victory for Prosser’s liberal opponent.

But that doesn’t remove the threat. Under Wisconsin law organized labor can get a recount if they’re willing to pay for it. Walker says unions hope to replicate in Wisconsin “what was pulled off with Senator [Al] Franken in Minnesota.” He promises, though, that Republicans will be on guard against any post-election ballot shenanigans.

Now that the Gov is scared to take a phone call from the Koch brothers, he is instead on a tour of the country, begging for money to help out the recall elections. I guess on the plane ride that we are paying for, he also took the time to brush up on the history of recounts.

Example one in a strong union state, our unscrupulous governor has to go on a nationwide big money fundraising tour to bankroll the dismantling of unions

2. A Well known international company(IKEA), well known for their good corporate citizenship and being a good employer. They opened in Virginia(their first US factory) with much fanfare and $!2 million dollars in incentives.

The non-union plant though has not been the “affordable solutions for better living” company it likes to claim.

But three years after the massive facility opened here, excitement has waned. Ikea is the target of racial discrimination complaints, a heated union-organizing battle and turnover from disgruntled employees.

Workers complain of eliminated raises, a frenzied pace and mandatory overtime. Several said it’s common to find out on Friday evening that they’ll have to pull a weekend shift, with disciplinary action for those who can’t or don’t show up.

Kylette Duncan, among the plant’s first hires, quit after six months to take a lower-paying retail job. “I need money as bad as anybody, but I also need a life,” said Duncan, 52. She recalled having to cancel medical appointments for her ailing husband because she had to work overtime at the last minute.

Full Story here.

Example two, a well known company comes in and immediately treats workers horribly. Since they do not have a union, the workers have no voice and no recourse but to quit to work for less money or miss important Dr. appointments.

It is quite obvious how important it is to alllow employees the right to organize and bargain as one voice.

PS: lots of misinformation from the right in the attack on workers rights here in WI. One of the main points is that if people want a union they can just get one(and re-certify every year). Well, like all republican talking points, when you take a serious look at them, you realize how wrong they are. As in the IKEA example:

Some of the Virginia plant’s 335 workers are trying to form a union. The International Assn. of Machinists and Aerospace Workers said a majority of eligible employees had signed cards expressing interest.

In response, the factory — part of Ikea’s manufacturing subsidiary, Swedwood — hired the law firm Jackson Lewis, which has made its reputation keeping unions out of companies. Workers said Swedwood officials required employees to attend meetings at which management discouraged union membership.

(whats disgusting? union busting!) PASS EFCA!


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