Poor Sean Duffy

Literally and figuratively! Let’s review: First during Sean Duffy’s run for congress he was asked a simple question and flubbed it badly. That did not matter because it seemed in the election of 2010, the more incompetent you were the better chance you had of being elected( see: Ron Johnson). Then to help ensure his win over Julie Lassa, Duffy made one serious promise: \"I will not support a repeal of health care, unless we have an alternative on the table\". Sean Duffy gets to Washington and his first vote in Congress(you guessed it), was a straight repeal of health care without an alternative on the table.

Things went from Full Flop to worse as Duffy, in all of his bumbling ways, decided to hold some “listening sessions”. There Congressman Duffy let his constituents know that he is broke, he only makes $174,000/yr with full benefits(By the way you can still give to Sean Duffy Aid). Congressman Duffy was also taken by surprise at his listening sessions when he found out that people were paying attention and held him accountable. That was unacceptable, so he told his constituents to “hold your own town hall” he was taking his axe and going home. Back to Ashland that is, not to to the Real World to live with Puck.

Now Sean Duffy is the victim again. H/T Think Progress:

DUFFY: I believe, if we’re going to repeal the president’s health care plan, we should replace it. I still believe that. […] As I dealt with the leadership, that was a concern of mine. And I got a commitment from leadership that we were going to come up with a replacement. And they told me we were going to do it in the Spring. In the Spring we haven’t come out with our replacement proposal and that has me very concerned. Because that what was we had talked about before we had the vote, “repeal and replace.”


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3 thoughts on “Poor Sean Duffy

  1. Here’s the latest from fake lumberjack and prettyboy Gaffe-Master Sean Duffy, spoken at his Monday town hall at the Superior senior center in Superior, WI. From an article in Business North:

    Duffy says he stands by Medicare privatization.

    “Nothing is free. It’s a hard to come together with all the different opinions. This country became prosperous due to a free market system. If we have limited government, free market systems should prevail. We did not become a great country from socialist entitlement systems.”

    What? Did I read him correctly? It seems to me that if you’re a senior citizen on Medicare Sean Duffy thinks you’re a socialist.

    Keep’em coming Gaffe-Master Duffy! You really crack me up!

  2. Here’s more from the prtty boy Gaffe-Master.

    DUFFY: “I believe that we have in our Constitution the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s what I think our rights are.” Oooops!

    From Media Matters:


    Next thing you know Duffy will be telling constituents about how Paul Revere was just a ringin’ them bells and a firin’ them warnin’ shots to let the British know that we support conceal and carry.

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