Some questions and advice for Rep. Nygren

Just a quick hit on Rep. John Nygren and his failure to make the recall ballot against Sen. Dave Hansen. From this morning’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“The simple fact that over 15,000 individuals in northeastern Wisconsin signed papers to recall Dave Hansen shows the distrust and frustration the taxpayers of this district have in their senator,” Nygren said.

Just because 15,000 individuals might be dissatisfied with Sen Hansen, doesn’t translate into them thinking you are a better man for the job.

Being an incumbent I would think you have a core campaign staff ready to answer the call and volunteers they can quickly call to gather the required number of signatures…maybe they just aren’t that into you anymore?

Being a veteran campaigner I would think you know by heart what EVERYONE with any advice for my campaign gave me…get 50% more signatures than you need at minimum…or did you think this one was a gimme?

And lastly, after the wailing, crying, gnashing of teeth, and vicious name calling directed at Attorney General Kloppenburg when it appeared she might take the Supreme Court race recount result to court…I would suggest you take the high road and drop it and maybe start worrying about your 2012 re-election campaign.


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5 thoughts on “Some questions and advice for Rep. Nygren

  1. Seriously, as someone who was expecting Nygren to be the primary republican candidate? That was plain lazy. I mean, I’m still honestly in shock they didn’t get it. Then when I proceeded to hear that they only got 425, my hand met my face.

    I can’t even celebrate, because that was just so … incompetent.

    1. Yeah, exactly. I guess Nygren just figured the ballot access laws were really just “suggestions” that don’t apply to Republicans.

      If he’s so lazy that he couldn’t collect 400 lousy signatures, do we really want this guy sitting on the Joint Finance Committee and helping craft our state’s multi-billion dollar budgets?

  2. A pattern is developing – one side focused and on the offense and the other equally intense in their own way, but slapdash and weary of playing defense. Prosser fits into this, as well as VanderLeest and now this.

  3. I’m baffled that he couldn’t get enough signatures to ensure he’d be free of challenges or safe from rejected signatures. Oh well…

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