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While you have been able to get the latest news on Randy Hopper right here at this humble little blog, there are a couple of recommended reads elsewhere.

1. Courtesy of the Oshkosh Northwestern, saying that Randy Hopper’s campaign ad is so blatantly false that it amazes them.

Yet even if voters expect hyperbole and leaps of logic when a distorted image appears on a TV screen, they don’t expect to see the complete disregard for the basic facts found in an ad paid for by State Sen. Randy Hopper, R-Empire.

The last segment of the ad accuses Jessica King, his Democratic recall opponent in the 18th Senate district, of supporting a pay raise while she served on the Common Council. Not only is that false, she in fact, voted against the ordinance raising the pay for council members and the mayor in 2008, the ad uses distorted math to arrive at a purported percentage of 63 percent that she increased her own pay.

Hooper’s whopper strains his credibility on three counts: Saying King supported a pay raise she voted “no” on, using fuzzy math for a gotcha percentage and taking a logical nose dive that a her vote in favor of the city budget is an indication of support for a pay raise.

2. Secondly, is a Must read by Cory Liebmann @ Eye on WIsconsin Blog: Cory perfectly documents how Randy “bed ” Hopper spent his time(on the taxpayers dime), helping coach(with actual emails) his young 20 something mistress on how to land a sweet state job in the Walker Administration.

Based on a November 30th email Hopper and Cass wasted no time in trying to score a state job for her. In that email Hopper forwards a press release to her that announces Keith Gilkes as Walker’s chief of staff. In that forwarded email he also advises her that she “might want to congratulate him if you call or email this afternoon.”

At 1:25pm on December 28th Cass sends Hopper an apparent draft of an email to Keith Gilkes. In the draft email Cass mentions that she enjoyed talking to Gilkes a few weeks ago and that she is excited about the changes at the Department of Commerce. At 1:57 pm Hopper responds to her draft email and suggests that she add that she is excited to be a part of it. At 2:27 on the same day Cass sends the actual email to Keith Gilkes. The final version to him includes a version of the Hopper suggested comment.

I highly recommend readind the whole story with Cory’s links. Do not forget to check out his “I google You” related link at the bottom!

Editors Note: (After thinking about it some, I wanted to add a little more for context) Lets be clear here. Randy Hopper wanted a professor fired for saying during class time you can sign recall papers if you want to. Then has no problem whatsoever helping his lobbyist mistress get a job that she is not qualified for with a huge pay raise on state time. Hopper gives Simac and Vanderleest a run for their money!


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