Blogging Blue is being boycotted!

Oh noes! Blogging Blue is being boycotted by “Segway” Jeremy Ryan!

In announcing his boycott of Blogging Blue, Ryan cited a recent entry of mine criticizing the Defending Wisconsin PAC, which Ryan runs, for using a non-union print shop for his PAC’s printing needs. Apparently Jeremy Ryan has skin as thin as tissue paper, considering he can’t seem to take a little criticism without whining about a boycott.

Here’s what Jeremy posted on his Facebook page:
Jeremy Ryan's Facebook page

To be honest, I’m not really terribly worried about Jeremy Ryan’s boycott of Blogging Blue, because what he doesn’t seem to realize is that there’s a lot of folks in Wisconsin who’ve tired of Jeremy’s schtick, what with his need to draw attention to himself, not to mention his shameless begging for money from others in order to subsidize his lifestyle so that he doesn’t have to…..gasp….get a real job.

But since Jeremy Ryan is so fond of boycotts, I’m announcing a boycott of my own. I’m going to boycott the Defending Wisconsin PAC, because I have grave concerns about their use of a non-union print shop (when union shops were available), as well as the fact that one the PAC’s largest expenses (other than printing and legal fees) was on food.

Until Jeremy Ryan and the Defending Wisconsin PAC can learn to spend their money more prudently, they don’t deserve any money or support from me – or anyone else for that matter.


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27 thoughts on “Blogging Blue is being boycotted!

  1. Hey Jeremy, I think you just rolled over a shark on that Segway. An example of someone who starts to think that this movement is about him, and not US. He needs to go away until he figures that out.

    1. Exactly. Defending Wisconsin PAC has decided to boycott Blogging Blue because Jeremy Ryan is thin-skinned and can’t take criticism.

      Jeremy’s boycott reeks of him once again trying to draw attention to himself.

  2. Maybe he doesn’t understand what being a union member, union activist or solidarity is. That being said, what the heck is he doing then?

    1. or maybe, Zach had said in a previous comment things to the effect that he pretty much is annoyed by the guy (who I did not know), that “segway Jeremy” “definitely needs to get a new gig” or similar. And it’s pretty damn obvious he’s baiting the guy. Hoping, as aggressive Bloggers do, to engage with him, to nitpick in a competitive way so as to frame the guy negatively and, well in reality you’d actually call all of this Bullying.
      It may be framed as Bullying For A Higher Cause, I still call that bullshit.
      Zach has decided (obviously) to bait the guy and get a fight going.

      Now Zach is feigning surprise that he got a reaction, when in fact he’s peeing himself in glee that he has locked on to his target. It’s unfortunate the guy responded, you are not supposed to respond to bullies.
      This is not high-minded, this is bullying. I don’t care if this Jeremy person is the world’s biggest ass. HE didn’t come here and bait Zach, Zach publicly called this guy out.
      Zach’s Bros will pat him on the back for this, I say it looks immature and stupid. I did see a video of this Jeremy, I feel pretty strongly that his style and message will appeal to a certain demographic and not be any “danger” to either Zach or his precious Democrats. Any-freakin-body can start a PAC. I can. You can. Jeremy can, This Is What Democracy Looks Like.

      Jeremy I doan know ya, and you might be an ass, but this is why I “troll” these self-righteous “for-the-downtrodden” High-minded Guys”
      They’re not. They bully and lie and sling shit same as the guys they supposedly hate.

      Zach – you’re a bully.That was a classic bully pattern of behavior. Congrats.
      You dah Rock Star Blogger now, eh? and you’d explain your behavior to your sons HOW? oh, I see. Bullying is okay as long as you find a “fatal flaw” in your victim and successfully de-humanize him and as long as you have the support of your posse. Listen up boys, yer Daddy is talkin’.

      1. So wait….I’m a bully because I had a thought, posted it, and got boycotted as a result?

        Oooookay then.

        Oh, and by the way, don’t even presume to know what goes on at my house an what conversations I might have with my son, who given his autism is more likely to end up the target of bullies rather than the bully.

        Don’t speak (or in this case type) if you don’t know what you’re talking about, lest you look like an ass as a result.

        1. Annie Dearest,

          Bullying? What a bunch of bullsh_t.

          I wish you would boycott the progressive blogs in Wisconsin. Then we wouldn’t have to spend a microsecond ignoring your pathetic and sanctimonious post.

          Now, back to the show.

      2. “Any-freakin-body can start a PAC”

        Yes and they need to file their financial statements and can and should be held accountable for walking their talk…

        I didn’t want to say this but now we are starting to migrate into the realm of left wingnuts that I railed against a few weeks ago.

      3. Annie, as I’ve reread your comment, I’m left with a question.

        Am I not supposed to be aggressive when it comes to what I blog about? Instead of callings things like I see them – even if it might piss off an “ally” – should I just meekly post benign entries that won’t prompt debate or offer any new information or insight?

        That seems to be what you’re saying, and with that kind of attitude we won’t be able to beat Republicans.

    2. I’m also gonna say with a fair amount of rage attached to my remarks that if the Democrats, and the Unions persist in their attitude of Them Against Non-Union Workers, and persist in acting as if non-Union workers DO NOT EXIST, are being deliberately evil for not being in Unions, and do not matter because they make to little money to have a political voice. well then this is gonna get really ugly here in America. You do not even acknowledge the people who work at the quick trip the non-union factory workers, all the retail so many of the people who are really hurting. When you say “Workers” now, you mean Teachers and other middle class professionals.

      You cut off the HUGE lower sections of Americans. That is really unforgivable. You continue to do that.
      None of those Americans also “Know what it means to be in a Union”
      Like the wealthy you and yours continue to marginalize the lowest and poorest. Co-opting for teachers, the rhetoric that once was meant to signify people who labored in garment shops, people who worked at horseradish factories and the like.
      They have no part in your concerns , your efforts or your words.

      They also do not Know What It Is Like To Be In A Union.
      Obviously you should belittle them too and continue to act like they are not out there. it is not only the Koch Bros. who are engaged in Class War

      Once long ago I asked here on BB WHY all the support and concern goes to the middle class. The answer I was given was “well, I guess so that once the lower classes get there, they’re protected”

      Now you all meditate on that. But you won’t get it I’m sure.
      so –
      It admits a complete cut-off of the lower classes. WHO DO NOT HAVE UPWARD MOBILITY
      but most horrifying of all
      That philosophy is just a re-statement and a validation of Ronald Reagan’s’ Trickle Down.
      You all “benefit” from us in the Unions having a higher standard of living. That’s bullcrap.
      That’s also Trickle down. We will protect ourselves and tell ourselves that’s okay because those below us will get some kind of societal Trickle Down from us Upper Level Guys.

      The wealthy might crap on you Unions and Public professionals, but you all sure as hell crap on everyone below you.
      Yes You DO.

      and there’s not enough of you to win against Republicans who know how to manipulate and court the disaffected poor and lower classes. There’s not.

      1. Actually it’s those exact people that we are most concerned about…it’s those exact people that the Republican Party and the tea party are turning against organized labor in their have and have not scenarios…and I see they have you falling for it too.

        Unions are why most workers have 8 hour days, vacations, benefits, weekends, holidays like Labor Day, overtime, minimum wage, etc…when we stop supporting unions we will lose the unions and start losing that stuff…don’t believe it? Rep Bachmann’s stump speech includes eliminating or reducing the minimum wage to make us more competitive with China…you want to go to 12 hour days for $2 a day? Not on my damn watch.

      2. Oh my god, don’t you stop? Your postings make me think of the Talking Heads’ album “Stop Making Sense” but with one small change: replace “Stop” with “Start”…….

      1. How true Steve. Sad that Annie doesn’t know that she’s on “automatic scan-past” for her needy jibberish.

        Annie, get out of the basement and realize it’s a nice world.

  3. btw: when reading the comments on Jeremy’s FB post…when did the Democratic Party of Wisconsin become the enemy?

    1. I’m not sure….I’m still trying to figure out what evidence Jeremy Ryan has to back up his statement that Blogging Blue is a front from the DPW.

  4. All the comments for Annie to “get out of the basement” and “take your meds” are uncalled for. It’s a real shame a person can’t voice their opinion to Zach without being insulted (bullied) by his friends.

    Read Annie’s comments as constructive criticism and not a personal attack. She made some good points.

    1. Yeah, absolutely no personal attacks involved when she brought my kid(s) into it…..none at all.

      While I agree with your point about the comments folks have made back to Annie, she did make it personal, at least to me.

      1. I agree with you about that Zach.

        Children should never be brought up on any blogs.

        Annie you owe Zach an apology for that.

  5. I am going to clear. I frankly think that Jeremy Ryan IS a plant to make the movement look juvenile and derisive—and the Unions look bad when he really has nothing to do with Unions. He wants to be an irritant and is a simple irritant and is every bit as a bater as McKenna is. He is an OCD disrupter that constantly appeals to his “poverty” and “illness” whenever he is criticized. This is a kid with problems but in this movement who needs it and what does he really matter. Nothing. Of course there are a lot of issues on the side like SJR is in need of constant attention–but nothing he does is valuable since causes far too much derision—This is a kid when a camera that is an emotional 7 year old. He has nothing to do with the Wisconsin movement.

    1. Gretchen, I don’t think Jeremy Ryan is a plant; I just think he’s self-involved and more interested in promoting himself and his organization than he is with actually making a difference in a positive way.

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