“Occupy Wall Street” activist slams Fox News in interview that Fox News refuses to air (VIDEO)

Last Wednesday a crew for Greta van Susteren‘s show on Fox News took to the streets of New York City to film the “Occupy Wall Street” protests, and during their time on the streets van Sustern’s crew interviewed a protester by the name of Jesse LaGreca. While speaking to van Susteren’s crew, LaGreca offered an incredibly eloquent explanation of the reasons behind the protests, and he also took the opportunity to chide the Fox producer for his network’s role as a far-right “propaganda machine.” LaGreca went on to note how Fox News was “wasting time” on subjects such as President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

During Jesse LaGreca’s interview, the Fox News producer interviewing him promised LaGreca he would “put any message you want out there, to give you fair coverage,” but when the show was finally aired, the footage of Jesse LaGreca’s interview never aired. Here’s the interview in its entirety.

Obviously Fox News is under no obligation to air every interview they’ve filmed, especially when the interview might make them look bad, as is the case with Jesse LaGreca’s interview. However, considering the fact that Fox News wants viewers to believe they’re the “Fair and Balanced” network, you’d think they would try at least a little bit to air some viewpoints that don’t necessarily jibe with whatever right-wing talking points they happen to be airing.


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