13 thoughts on “#OccupyWallStreet Finds their Spokesman!

    1. Inanities such as yours do not deserve the time I just took to respond. Yeah, I’m at fault here for not merely ignoring your assinine responses.


      1. Really?!?! That’s the best we can get for a response from the smartest, most intelligent guy posting here?
        You should be blushing at that gimpy, lame, crippled response.
        You might wanna put a handicapped sticker on your posts.

        1. Phil understands what fascism is. You don’t. You got the only response your comment merited.

          You’re in over your head, fool.

        2. You’ve consistently demonstrated your inability to engage with facts so I’ve simply given up using facts with you. You’ve earned my C-game: Counterfactual Hilarity!

          Frankly, if I were you (and I wake each morning, blissful in the knowledge that I am not and never ever will be you), I’d be more than a little insulted that you are no longer entitled to my A-game. You have lost the privilege of dialog and are reduced to the occasional swapping of pointless jibes and insults. It’s what you seem to desire and, Orlin, I aim to please.

          But then, at the end of the day, you couldn’t keep up with my A-game. So perhaps my C-game will help you achieve “mediocrity” (that would be three steps up from where you are now with the needle stuck at “moron”).

          Have a wonderful day! Peace!

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