Won’t Somebody Think of the Children!

A recent story came out of Portage WI, where a teacher who chaperoned the field trip to the Capitol, when some kids joined the solidarity Singers.

A John Muir Elementary School teacher was reprimanded after the school district administrator learned the teacher had allowed a group of fourth-graders to sing a politically altered version of a folk song in the Wisconsin State Capitol in September.

However, Portage School District Administrator Charles Poches said that there was no political intent on the part of the teacher and that once chaperones realized the song had been altered to include political statements, the students were ushered out.

The students were on a field trip Sept. 27 and were waiting for tour guides in the Rotunda when a man unaffiliated with the district invited them to sing “This Land is Your Land.”

Blue Cheddar had even more on this story, explaining that Fox 6 held this \"important story\" until the right time(why now or what that time was is anybody’s guess). How this is even a story is beyond me and why District Administrator Poches did not laugh Fox 6 out of the building is also beyond me. Unfortunately the Portage teachers do not have collective bargaining anymore and no one is around to get this fourth grade teachers back! If it was MY district, I would organize a letter writing campaign to flood his personnel file with letters of support.

PS: There is some irony in a teacher from a school named after John Muir, for his students singing \"This Land Is Your Land\"!

In a somewhat related story, the 14 year old Banana Boy is back in school after being cuffed/stuffed and suspended for being a banana! (You just can’t make this stuff up)!

Covering an odd tale about a 14-year-old autistic boy who was handcuffed by police and suspended for running down the sidelines of a high school football game at halftime wearing a banana costume, Washington, D.C. reporter Pat Collins donned a grape suit and went out to get his story.

Speaking to Bryan Thompson, who pulled the prank on Sept. 14 and found himself at the center of a controversy over the school’s response, Collins’ sarcastic outrage seemed palpable.

“School officials accused him of being disruptive and disrespectful,” Collins said. “Frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.”

He asked the student: “Why a banana? Why not a … grape?”

“I don’t know,” Thompson replied. “Potassium is great.”

Colonial Forge High School Principal Karen Spillman suspended Thompson for 10 days, and recommended that he be kicked out of school for the entire year.

Calls for firing teachers for letting kids sing “this land is your land”? 10 day suspension for running along the sidelines during halftime of a football game dressed as a banana? Where did our collective sanity go?

At least the banana boy story ends well. Not only did Bryan go back to school, the principal resigned AND This GREAT video came out of it!


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