Compare/Contrast: Wisconsin Senate Race

With Unites States Senator Herb Kohl deciding not to run for re-election, that left an opening for new players in both parties to step up and try and capture this seat.

In the democratic party, Tammy Baldwin stepped up early, announcing her intentions to run. People across the state know the integrity of Tammy Baldwin and realize what a great job she has done representing the second congressional district(my district) and no one else stepped up to challenge her. Making Tammy Baldwin the de facto democratic candidate for US Senate.

Compare/contrast that to the republican party.

First. perpetual jobber Mark Neumann entered the race. This got all of the right wing bloggers panties in a bundle and they took the drastic step of writing an “open letter”. The right wing of Wisconsin still will not forgive Neumann for having the gall to run against Scott Walker in a primary for Governor. The party appointed Scott Walker as their candidate and it was unacceptable for democracy to be allowed in the Wisconsin republican party. With the backlash from Wiggy and the rest of the crew that left an opening.

Then Ted Kanavas got in the race! YAWN……

Following that Tommy Thompson, in need of affection, and seeing an opening, entered the race. The problem is Tommy is off his meds.

Assembly majority leader Jeff Fitzgerald decided to throw his hat in the ring. The problem with a Fitzgerald candidacy, is that no one likes him. Even Robin Vos and Mike Ellise like to get drunk and talk about the incompetence of the Fitzgerald Brothers.

Now the latest candidate/non-candidate is going to enter the race. Millionaire hedge fund manager and Washington DC resident Eric Hovde has decided that maybe since he is a rich he should be the best person to represent the people of WIsconsin. Of course Hovde not living here, is a minor detail. The problem that Hovde has to overcome, is that we tried that last time and the state has incredible "buyer's remorse".

The question then becomes, once the republican party recycles through these retreads and jobbers, who is next? Chris Christie does not live here, Paul ryan is immensely unpopular, Tom Petri too sane, F-jim to busy critiquing women's bodies to run, that leaves pretty much no one else. The republican party is suffering greatly from a lack of talent and hard right turn(that the people of Wisconsin has rejected) as their only way to govern.

I personally like the sound of Senator Tamnmy Baldwin and if the republican party keeps throwing this lack of quality at her, they better get used to saying it.


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4 thoughts on “Compare/Contrast: Wisconsin Senate Race

  1. Senator Baldwin has a wonderful sound, that’s for sure. But you have an error here. In describing the Fitz boys you used “incompetence,” and while that was true until just a couple weeks ago, it now seems that “impotence” is the more appropriate word to describe them.

  2. ” Tommy is off his meds.”


    I’m curious as to how you know what “meds” Tommy may be on, and which ones he is “off?” If you are his physician it is against every rule in the book to disclose a patients medical information, and if you are not then perhaps you have a medical or mental problem? just saying

    1. Given Thompson’s past politcal stances, and those he gives now, he is either on Meds or suffering dementia.

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