Ron Johnson’s Prayer

Our very own case of buyers remorse senator ron johnson, has been known to say “I am praying that the Supreme Court overturns Obamacare”. Rojo even likes to equate the passing of "Obamacare" with the end of the free world as we know it. While ron johnson is a ridiculous human being, unfortunately he is not alone in this view.

This picture from Jesse Russell and our friends at dane101. Who took this yesterday of a group “praying to end Obamacare.”

Now the question, as a lifelong Catholic, I am confused. I am not quite sure how a person would pray to end Obamacare.

Here are a couple attempts:

Dear Lord, please help us make sure that the poor in America get their health care limited and please help us allow insurance companies to protect their profits and be able to kick people out when they are sick and most needy. In Jesus name…amen

Dear Lord, Please guide the Supreme Court to the right decision of ending Obamacare. We both know that this is the first step to healthcare for all. Please let the Justices, understand that when children are born with such diseases as Juvenile Diabetes, that they are being punished per your will Lord. Help us make sure that the heroic CEO’s can continue to make millions in well deserved salary so they can tithe at their churches and not be bothered by the people who are sick and going to a better place anyway. In Jesus name. Amen.

Your turn, what are the Prayers that Ron Johnson is praying the end Obamacare.


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3 thoughts on “Ron Johnson’s Prayer

  1. My Prayer: Please Dear God, let Ron Johnson be removed from the Senate for groping an intern (male or female, I care not), let his wife divorce him so that her lawyers may clean-him-out of savings and stock-options, let his Father-In-Law fire him and cast him from the corporate office so that he loses all health insurance. Then set a host of diseases upon his body (again, your choice) so that even as he howls in agony, Doctors will not treat him for he has the mark of “uninsured” upon him. Verily I beg you Dear God, let the last words he hears be those of a Tea Partier hectoring him against Socialism. Then may his tombstone read: “Here Lies The Man Who Thought He Was John Galt”. In Jesus’ name, yada yada.

    I feel better already!

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