Will Walker’s “deer czar” destroy a long-held Wisconsin tradition?

As more and more Wisconsinites become aware that Governor Walker has appointed a “deer czar” who will likely privatize deer hunting, they become “very, very anxious.” So said Representative Donna Seidel during a recent phone interview. “Here in Wisconsin we have a long-standing tradition of deer hunting on public land…to lose access to public land for tens of thousands of deer hunters is outrageous and not the direction that Wisconsin needs to be moving in.

The idea that public land would not be available for hunters is incomprehensible to tens of thousands of people…in this neck of the woods, hunting has been a long-revered tradition, generation after generation has been so committed to this sport,” explained Representative Seidel.

“It’s also really important to understand that hunters rely on venison to feed their families; it’s a staple.”

Additionally, some deer hunters donate venison to food pantries, which more and more Wisconsinites find themselves relying upon. “We’re going to see an incredible decline in provisions for food pantries and people in need are going to be hurting even more” if less people have access to hunting, according to Seidel.

That’s because access could become greatly limited if Governor Walker’s newly-elected deer czar, Dr. Kroll implements the same reforms in Wisconsin as he apparently has in Texas.

Dr. Kroll is “famous for the authority of hunting on private land,” explained Rep. Seidel. In fact, she said, “In Texas, 24% of those who apply for and pay for hunting licenses have no access to land on which to hunt” because Dr. Kroll “has not spent much time worrying about access for middle and low-income hunters.” Rather, he spends much of his time talking to the media.

Dr. Kroll may spend a lot of time talking to the media, but he hasn’t spent time telling Wisconsinites exactly what his plans are here. His report won’t be delivered until June 30 when “it’s likely that his leanings toward privatization of hunting will become apparent,” explained Seidel.

But that won’t be until after the election.

Information is just gurgling to the surface now, said Seidel, and residents of Northern and Northcentral Wisconsin are beginning to get the facts about Walker’s new deer czar and how he could potentially destroy a long-held Wisconsin tradition.

Rep. Seidel is concerned, and for good reason, that hunting in Wisconsin will become an elite sport for the rich only.

“Maybe purple is the color of royalty, but blaze orange here in Wisconsin looks pretty good on everyone.”


Tom Barrett will preserve the long-held tradition of deer hunting in Wisconsin

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13 thoughts on “Will Walker’s “deer czar” destroy a long-held Wisconsin tradition?

  1. Take a look at TX Fred. Almost all hunting in Dr. Deer’s home state is done on private “preserves.” You pick out your deer and pay per inch of rack, starting at about $2G.

  2. I don’t understand how referencing information that is factual and proven makes me “off the deep end.” That doesn’t make any sense.

  3. Let’s keep in mind the “Fred” in question is Fred Dooley. I wouldn’t put too much stock in what he has to say.

  4. Fred only hunts hamburgers. He is prone to incredulous, exclamatory comments. But he is basically harmless.

  5. You even left out the best part of the article from Texas where our ‘deer czar’ equates deer hunting on public property as the last bastion of communism…

    Thanks for writing this up, I’ve been procrastinating and hadn’t gotten around to it.

  6. Wow…what a load of crap. I cannot believe you actually believe this junk. Heck, if you believe it I have some state land I would love to see you!!

  7. Folks;

    I don’t like Kroll, but let’s not get our undies all bunched up about something that may not be applicable in WI.

    First, the reason almost all hunting takes place on private land in TX is because they don’t have much public land deer range. WI is blessed with County, State and National Forests, and DNR owned wildlife areas. State forests and DNR are the only things walker/kroll would have control over, and would need to change some statutes before implementing. What threy could change is how licenses are sold. Many western states and Canada require that you buy your license through, and hunt with a guide or outfitter, even though you are on public land. That would certainly be a change from “tradition”.

    Having said that, kroll has long been an advocate of intensively managed, high-input ($) site specific deer management on private lands. That may work in WI for private landowners willing to make that investment on their property. But unless done on a large scale it results in the neighbor versus neighbor feuds over deer that belong to all citizens of the state. Attempting to use krolls management style to public lands would be extremely expensive, frustrating (DNR doesn’t control all the public lands), and cause more conflict between hunters.

    My recommendation: Outlaw baiting and feeding, anywhere or at any time. Hunters, get off your butts and hunt rather than sit for a couple hours and complain about not seeing any deer. And run kroll out of the state so he can go back to selling deer bait in TX.

  8. Surely we can agree that we voters should know what we’re getting into BEFORE the election.

    We shouldn’t have to find out plans by accident at town halls where legislators think it’s safe to talk openly (like right to work).

    Walker’s report on job numbers wasn’t supposed to be out until after the election, but it came out early.

    So let’s see the deer czar’s report before the election. Then we’ll know exactly what we’re dealing with.

  9. “So let’s see the deer czar’s report before the election. Then we’ll know exactly what we’re dealing with.”

    On the mark, Lisa. Hear, Hear!

  10. As I type this, I watched Scott Walker and 5 state senate seats remain in GOP hands. Many of the Walker counties included the northern parts of the state–the deer hunting areas. Perhaps the landowners there are licking their chops, so to speak, to start building their fences and takeover the 5.1 million acres that Dr. Kroll has in mind to turn over to private game farms.

    I grew up in WI, but I am extremely distressed by Walker surviving the recall. His agenda–unfortunately–was embraced by the majority of WI voters, including the anti-worker legislation. Needless to say, until WI workers, lower and middle class, begin to hurt more with stagnant wages and even lower benefit programs at their employers, they will not realize what they have done nor work to change it. Idiots.

    1. Wow, another ignorant statement made by someone who has no idea how the system of deer hunting works…. well done, you effectively made yourself look like a moron. Here’s the actual report by Kroll this week. Feel free to go through all the pages and you will see he has ZERO control over public lands in WI. And in fact his recommendations are going to help us hunters.


      Little blue zombies… pfft.

  11. Hey Lisa… Since you had so much “factual information” in this little piece of garbage you published as a story… maybe you would like to read the ACTUAL report that just came out today. Go ahead… read the whole thing. In no place does he recommend that they sell any public land, nor does it cost $2000 to harvest a deer. In fact, the only increases in and fees are for extra tags in CWD units where they were free and are looking to improve scientific research. Oh… and the extra tags went from $2 to $12. NOT $2000. But nice little bit of slander you made here.


    The sheer ignorance of WI’s wildlife and hunters in you people is astounding. A keystone species such as the white-tale deer affects much more than just its own numbers. If you even knew the simplest version of what I just said you would understand that the state would never EVER charge $2000 for a deer tag in this state. The state needs us hunters more than we need the state.

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