2 thoughts on “GOP Convention Memo: Paul Ryan’s Theme Song for DAY 3!

  1. Now this is really an objectionable comment. 1) you can’t sing to this. 2) spying on people in private is both juvenile and illegal. Let’s stick to…and don’t shy away from…truth and transparency in our political references.

  2. Cat Kin: admittedly I am not Andy Borowitz, but I don’t see why I can’t inject humor here on occasion no matter how juvenile it may appear to you…so lighten up already!

    And you are arguing facts not in evidence…nowhere did I say anyone spied on anyone…I would have hoped that you knew that our Tampa correspondents were fictional…but I said ‘reported’…and the item they ‘reported’ could have come from dozens of sources none of whom needed to be a ‘spy’.

    But if you want to see the real humor in the situation, check out:


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