3 thoughts on “Open Comment to Gov. Walker on the Sikh Temple Tragedy in Oak Creek!

  1. Agree. And he was careful to avoid calling it what it was, “domestic terrorism.”

  2. John- Good point. And I applaud Oak Creek Police calling in the FBI and rightfully calling it “domestic terrorism.”

    Also, if this guy is found to be a devout listener of RW Milwaukee hate radio, and lists them as an influence, will Scotty stop taking the free air time and allying himself with those shows? If he does not, and if he does demand that we take a closer look into safeguards to make sure wack jobs like this guy can’t get guns so easily, his words are as empty as his “let’s work together” Brat Summit.

    It is not time to be nice and PC. It is time to ask the serious questions and demand real solutions to problems that are long overdue.

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