Whither MKE Cnty: Maybe a County Convention Is In Order

Yesterday marked the first forum that I am aware of that was aimed to discuss possible futures for Milwaukee County. County Supervisor Deanna Alexander held a town hall to gauge the interest in changing the make up of county government. The article in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that only about two dozen people were in attendance. That turn out with the number of comments here on any number of posts about Milwaukee County seems to indicate that when it comes to county government, the prevailing attitude is…MEH?

The suggested referendum on limiting pay and benefits for Milwaukee County Supervisors doesn’t take into account or even allow a full discussion on what that means to local governance. Instead of calling for this ridiculous referendum, I suggest that we call for a COUNTY CONVENTION where the local municipalities, county government, state representatives who represent districts within the county, and actual residents of the county meet and decide to proceed with the status quo or decide on the new form that county government should take.

This may seem unprecedented but if those self righteous proponents of the referendum in Madison, claiming to be giving Us a choice in the matter via referendum really mean that we should have a choice in the matter, then they should really give us that choice. A COUNTY CONVENTION would be just the thing. And Rep. Sanfelippo and Senator Alberta Darling would have their day in the sun as well since they represent Milwaukee County districts.

Come on guys, YOU GOT GAME?


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