Saturday Open Thread: AB 85 vs. OUR Milwaukee County

You’ve all had plenty of time to digest the media coverage and dozens of op ed pieces in favor of and against Representative Joe Sanfelippo’s Assembly Bill 85 to reform Milwaukee County Government…and by now you’ve had a chance to read about the County Board’s own plan to reduce costs and salaries and request to downsize the board itself…but you’ve all been amazing silent on the topic here on Blogging Blue…so now I am asking you to comment:


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread: AB 85 vs. OUR Milwaukee County

  1. Given the Board has proposed its own plan, it would seem Sanfelippo’s Bill has been rendered obsolete. No longer necessary. It should be withdrawn. Unless, of course, there are other motivations at play.

    1. Yes there are other motivations at work…I haven’t had a chance to review all of the details of the board’s proposal, but from a bird’s eye view, AB 85 still has a lot to say about the relationship between the board and the executive…including handing additional power to the exec’s office…that the board proposal so far, leaves unaddressed.

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