Ron Kind rules out run for governor

So Democratic U.S. Rep. Ron Kind has ruled out running for governor in 2014 against incumbent Gov. Scott Walker.

While Rep. Kind’s decision isn’t terribly surprising, it leaves me wondering if the Democrats will be able to field a credible candidate to run against Gov. Walker in 2014.


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13 thoughts on “Ron Kind rules out run for governor

  1. For what it’s worth, I feel. we have an exceptional potential candidate in Wisconsin who would put Wisconsin back on track, State Senator Kathy Vinehout.

  2. …and yet Mike Tate’s “leadership” of Wisconsin Democrats gets rewarded. Again. (facepalm)

      1. I am a steadfast critic of Tate’s leadership of the Democratic Party and even I can’t see the logic that Tate can be responsible for Kind’s decision. Unless the idea is that Tate has a candidate in mind and pushed Kind to stay out of the race? I am ready and willing to engage in that conspiracy theory I guess… I think Tate wants yet another Walker v Barrett match up for the threepeat.

        1. Barrett has made it clear he won’t be running in 2014.

          If I were a betting man, I’d put money on some combination of the following running for Governor in 2014:

          Mahlon Mitchell
          Kathleen Vinehout
          Kevin Conroy
          Kevin Shibilski

          1. Guess the satire half of that post fell flat. I could get behind a Mitchell/Vinehout ticket or the other way around if Vinehout has improved her public speaking presentation since the Recall

      2. Tate seems better at putting up billboards than recruiting and cultivating a “bench” of candidates for statewide offices. That’s how.

  3. Kind might have a chance, but beating Walker will take a lot more pushing that Kind typically does.

    Mike Tate is has not shown expertise on influencing much of anything except getting elected as WisDem Chairman!????

    1. Should Mike Tate be trying to exert influence on candidates to run for specific offices even if those candidates have no interest? Further, do we really want candidates running for offices that are only running because Mike Tate “influenced” them to do so?

      Perhaps Kind has his eyes set on a race two years past 2014.

      1. Somebody in a official status with the Democratic policy needs to be able to encourage, recruit and enlist support for the candidates on a professional level. Grass roots is great, but without professional leadership it gets stuck spinning wheels in the mud–mud which is often splashed on the candidates themselves.

        1. I agree with what you said, but “encourage, recruit, and enlist” doesn’t necessarily mean candidates should be “cajoled, convinced, and pushed” into running.

          1. Zach, I’m talking about public relations help with volunteers, financial support and media coverage. These are the areas where Democratic leadership needs to cajole, even grovel.

  4. I’ll say it. Kind’s a wimp that doesn’t want to fight the big-money scum that’ll be backing Walker. Apparently, he’s comfortable in a safe Dem seat in DC, and doesn’t want to advance past it (and Ron, you ain’t going to be in the Senate for 2016. That’s Russ’s seat, and he’s reclaiming it).

    But fine, as I don’t want any more milquetoast Dems heading up the ticket for 2014. We need someone to light up the grassroots, wake up the low-info voters, and call out this unprecedented economic failure and massive corruption. To me that means:


    Barca would be on this list, but he’s not doing enough right now to define the Dems as the “good opposition” in the Bagger-overrun Assembly. And where the hell has Mahlon Mitchell been the last 12 months?

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