Best laugh of the week!

If you’re drinking something right now you’d better swallow before you read this or you’ll have it shooting out your nostrils.

Sean Duffy is hosting a ” Hunger and Homelessness Summit ” in Wausau on December 18th!  Can you say ” brazen hypocrite? ” I knew you could!

Duffy voted to cut food stamp benefits by 40 billion dollars over the next ten years, has repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act without offering an alternative which leaves working families vulnerable to medical bankruptcy and crushing debt, and when over 100 constituents gathered in front of his Wausau office in the summer of 2012 demanding that he support legislation that would increase the minimum wage one of his staffers called them  “a  bunch of professional protesters “.  What a guy.

Here’s an idea, Sean. Instead of posing for a campaign photo op at a summit of professional organizations that are actually trying to do something about these problems, why don’t YOU do something too?  Grow a spine and issue a public statement in support of the ” Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2013. ”

Fair wages puts a roof over the heads of, and food on the tables of, working families all across Wisconsin. That’s the Real World, Sean. Photo opportunities and cheap publicity stunts are mighty short on both shelter and nutritional value.


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17 thoughts on “Best laugh of the week!

  1. Besure to not take your viagra before going to this hypocritic waste of time because GOD only gave you enough blood to support one brain at a time!

  2. SC,
    I have to smile when smart people say silly things. SC is a smart person.
    No, Duffy is not my rep and I am not as well versed regarding his efforts as you.
    But, I do get a few take aways from the post. Not arguing, just observing.
    1) I assume someone that is homeless is probably hungry. Seems like potentially a good and focused initiative.
    2) The U.S. is the most obese nation/society the world has ever known. No one wants hungry people, not even Duffy. But throwing blankets and more blankets of food stamps at a complex society is not “the solution”, and in fact only adds to the obesity rate and health problems they create. Now diabetes etc. will need to be dealt with. It’s complex. I get it. But while click and run food stamps may make you feel like you’ve done something it does not begin to address the problems. Maybe you don’t care about those.
    3) You bring up fair wages, not Duffy. Start a new topic.
    4) The video you post is pathetic and should be removed.
    5) You can do better than this post.

    1. IG,

      What’s pathetic is your boy Duffy. He’s as embarrassing a representative as can be imagined. I only posted the video so he’d be reminded of some career opportunities outside of Congress. I’m flattered that you think I’m smart, I think. On second thought let me think about that a bit.

      When you and Sean have come up with solutions to hunger, homelessness and obesity, let us know. We’re all dying to hear them.

      1. SC,
        I have read your posts over the last couple of years and have seen you articulate your points very well without negativity, name calling, etc. Further, I’ve read you encourage readers to cheer for your team and work for your team. All of which I personally agree with whether or not I agree with your particular stance on an issue. Give it your best shot. Win lose or draw, but resist the temptation for the other “stuff”. I just do not think that is useful or good and that it adds to a polarized society. SC is an intelligent person.

    2. But throwing blankets and more blankets of food stamps at a complex society is not “the solution”

      Are you really trying to argue that food stamp benefits are too generous?

      Once you clarify, I’ll share my thoughts.

      1. Zach,
        That’s a tough one. As I said, no one wants to see any hungry people. On one hand I don’t think we can deny that this county is extremely obese, that is not acceptable and somehow needs to be curved. On the other hand I’ve read food stamps have increased 33% ( I don’t like link wars) over the last few years and something just don’t square. Were we that far behind in providing food stamps and need to catch up? Are we really aiding those in need or simply tossing food stamps in the breeze thinking we’ve done our job?
        Personally I believe in people helping people. Donate to your local food pantries directly, via church, employers, etc. That is what I do. Yes, there is a place for government assistance also, but, for $20 I can buy a bag of groceries that goes on someone’s table or I can give Uncle Sam $20 and maybe a small fraction of that turns into a stamp that may go to someone’s table. I call it direct drive vs. diluted drive. Direct drive is much more effective and efficient in my opinion. Thanks for reading.

          1. I guess I did imply that there is a correlation between our nation’s chronic obesity rate and food stamp recipients. That was a mistake and there is probably about as much data to support it as there is to debunk it. Not much.
            I attempted to ask two thought provoking questions for which there may not be a clear cut answer.
            “Were we that far behind in providing food stamps and need to catch up? Are we really aiding those in need or simply tossing food stamps in the breeze thinking we’ve done our job?”
            Meanwhile, rather than wrangling about some potentially valid topics and points of discussion I moved on to what I and I’m sure many others do, pay for a bag of groceries at my local food store that goes directly to 1 in 7’s table. My view. Thanks.

  3. What’s the solution to those less fortunate if it’s wrong to help them feed their family and themselves? It is probably difficult for those who don’t walk in poverty’s shoes to conceive that the main problem facing the poor is a lack of money, rather than a lack of desire or incentive to work. Conservative ideology aside…..they are hungry, they are homeless, they need help with these issues not a summit or a lecture. They are hungry NOW ….they would prefer a “HAND UP” but if all that is offered is a “HAND OUT” they’ll take it with gratitude! We have lost gratefulness for the blessings some of us have and have forgotten compassion for those less well-off.

  4. “Sean Duffy…’brazen hypocrite’…”

    Nah, Steve, I’d call him a “phony with balls” or a Republican Catholic whose “no” votes against gun control, health care, food stamps, and more are immoral, sinful, outrageous, unjust, and a betrayal or denial of the teachings of Jesus, His Church, the scriptural Beatitudes, and the recent call by Pope Francis to set aside the zealotry of ideology.

    My gerrymandered representative has done nothing in the past year to disprove my assertion that “Duffy is my worst congressman ever.”

    In fact, Duffy has reinforced the validity of my claim disclosed on January of this year.

    My former congressman and Lutheran friend, Ron Kind, a true man of the people, suggested this week that I “Donate or volunteer at a food pantry near you!” at these locations:

    “Madison-Second Harvest
    Milwaukee-The Hunger Task Force
    Fox Valley-The United Way
    Superior-Second harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank
    Wausau Area-The Neighbors’ Place
    La Crosse-The Hunger Task Force
    Eau Claire-Feed my People Food Bank
    Platteville-Grant County Food Banks”

    In addition, Kind offered these contacts:

    Holiday Mail For Heroes – American Red Cross

    Venison Donation Program – Wisconsin DNR

    Help the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines:

    Heifer International

    Now aren’t these suggestions by Ron more honest and direct and helpful than the self-serving political rally on December 18th by the “phony with balls,” and “,,,my worst congressman ever,’ Sean Duffy?

    Happy Thanksgiving to all on Blogging Blue.

    P.S. Five of my sons are sharing the two does, one antler-less buck, and two 8-point bucks bagged on opening morning, Saturday, here in Jackson County on my 40 acre “estate.” Duane12 saw none and thus shot none.

  5. Independent guy;
    If I recall correctly, I read that all food pantries in the country would have to double their efforts to offset the present $5 billion cut in food stamps. What would they do with the $40 billion teabaggers like Duffy support?
    Private charity has its limits. And wouldn’t be nice if farm subsidy recipients (like some of those teabagger congressmen) had to beg, instead of hungry people?

    1. Bill,
      Well, I trust that you and I can do a better job of keeping a food pantry flush for the 1 in 7 even if we need to double it than our government can by any means. I’ll get on it. Hope you do as well.

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