Gov. Walker: drug testing the poor is “about compassion”

Speaking at a campaign event on Monday, Gov. Scott Walker defended his proposal to require recipients of public benefits to submit to drug testing as being “about compassion.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Monday defended his proposal to require drug tests of people seeking unemployment assistance and food stamps by saying it was an act of compassion, not an attempt to make it harder for people needing help.

“This is really about compassion,” the Republican said. “It’s not about making it hard to get government assistance, it’s about making it easier to get a job.”

For the son of a preacher, Scott Walker sure has a tortured definition of compassion.


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5 thoughts on “Gov. Walker: drug testing the poor is “about compassion”

  1. If that’s compassion lets hope he doesn’t begin acting charitable towards us. I wonder if he earned his Eagle Scout badge with a project on compassion? He must feel that the typical Wisconsinite is just plain stupid to throw out this warm heaping pile of hooey to tell us that he’s being compassionate to the needy.

  2. It’s about “compassion” for his lawyer buddies. These type of laws have never been upheld anywhere in our country. This is obviously just another way for Walker and the GOP to shovel even more taxpayer money to the private attorneys that the state will hire to defend this law in court.

  3. “Wish You’d Stop Being So Good to Me, Captain” – Luke to Captain, somewhere on a Florida Prison Camp chain gang.

  4. I look around my corner of the state and see drug users and the unemployed concentrated within Walker’s own voter base here. His message seems increasingly designed as a dog-whistle to maximize turnout of a narrow audience in the SE WI suburbs.

  5. I’ll believe “Gov” Scott Walker cares when he starts screening the unemployed and underemployed for long term alcohol abuse. I can hear the hymns of praise from the Tavern League and the liquor and beer distributors already…

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