Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer gets just 5 months in jail for sexual assault

Wow, he sure did get off easy…

State Rep. Bill Kramer (R-Town of Waukesha) was sentenced Tuesday to five months in jail, after pleading no contest last month to reduced charges of two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

The jail term is a condition of a three-year probation sentence.

He will begin serving his jail time, with work-release privileges, on Dec. 4.

Bill Kramer got a pretty sweet deal from DA Brad Schimel’s office, considering his three years of probation does not include having to register as a sex offender.

The old adage that it pays to have friends in high places certainly seems to fit this situation, especially given how easy Bill Kramer got off when facing far more serious consequences for his behavior.


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6 thoughts on “Republican State Rep. Bill Kramer gets just 5 months in jail for sexual assault

  1. The next questions should be: When will he resign from the Stte Assembly? Why is he still on the state payroll? Why is the fact that he’s still an active assemblyman not in the news? Time to put a little media presure on Vos? Me thinks so.

    1. If he had resigned, Ribeye in the Sky, Kleefisch wouldn’t have been able to vote for him during the ramaining sessions where a substitute had been named to fill the Speaker position.

  2. Another point- Tate is not agitating the GOP and the media, calling out Vos and Walker, using their own words calling for Kramer to resign. How about a press release or public statement pointing out the fact that he’s still representing Waukesha, still on the state payroll? Missed opportunities. Come one Dems. Get it together.

    1. And to take it a step further CJ, can you imagine the hours and days that Sykes/Belling/Icki would be blabbing if a black guy in inner city Milwaukee was charged with sex crimes, but still got over $60K of taxpayer-paid benefits for the year afterward. And still got paid after he was convicted?

      This is what Bill Kramer has just done. But because he’s a white guy from the 262 who’s part of the GOP inner circle, there’s nothing but crickets. And you are correct that it’s a Tate failure that this isn’t being loudly repeated in the press as an example of GOP arrogance and double-standards

  3. @nonquixote- Crazy eyed Joe has his eye on the prize. Nobody is happier that Walker wants to run for prez than he. We all know what I’m talking about.

    1. Read you comment much earlier, actually thought of several scenarios, but “Becca” being acting governor for the next four years seemed the most likely to please her hubby. Might as well just swear her in, and let them have the mansion in January. Duck hunting right out on the back yard.

      That got me to considering whether or not Republican women might start demanding equal pay for equal work having to take on the responsibilities of holding down chief executive’s duties as he goes full monty AWOL.

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