Court Affirms Foreign Corporation’s Right Of Eminent Domain in US

In the continuing saga of the Keystone XL pipeline, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that Canadian oil company TransCanada could essentially use eminent domain to seize right of ways on American owned property to complete the Keystone XL pipeline. Continued proof that money knows no borders:

Removing a major roadblock, Nebraska’s Supreme Court threw out a challenge to a proposed route for the pipeline, even though four judges on the seven-member court agreed that the landowners who sued should have won their case.

Their lawsuit challenged a 2012 state law that allowed the governor to empower Canada-based TransCanada to force them to sell their property for the project.

But because the lawsuit raised a constitutional question, a supermajority of five judges was needed to rule on the law, meaning “the legislation must stand by default,” the court said in its opinion.

hmmmm…four out of seven justices agreed with the landowners yet ruled the other way.


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3 thoughts on “Court Affirms Foreign Corporation’s Right Of Eminent Domain in US

  1. Have we been invaded by the Canadian tar oil terrorists? Does this mean we are part of the Commonwealth? If so, do we have dual citizenship? Will the Republicans replace Obamacare with the Canadian heath plan? Or are we just second class Canadian citizens? WTF happened to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

    So many unanswered questions!

  2. Ed, a very important post, thank you.

    Emma, I agree.

    BTW, I’m claiming 100% ownership of all the mineral rights to everything at the center of the Earth. Who is with me?

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