Scott Walker exposes himself as being full of crap on foreign policy (VIDEO)

During an appearance on Face The Nation, host Bob Schieffer asked Gov. Scott Walker what his foreign policy credentials were, and GOv. Walker’s answer was revealing – as in revealing that he’s full of crap.

Well, I think as a governor, it’s really ultimately about leadership. To me, in my lifetime, one of the best presidents when it comes to foreign policy was a governor from California. My lifetime, one of the worst presidents when it comes to foreign policy, was a freshman senator from Illinois. So I think it’s not just about past experience. It’s about leadership. As a governor, you have to put a cabinet in place. Hopefully, you pick people who are as smart or smarter than you on any given topic.

I think that’s something that’s required of a successful president is putting people in place, be it Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State and others, and then having the good sense to listen to them and to others, chain of command in the military, consulting with the Congress. All of those sorts of things I think are important to the president, and I think a successful governors in either party have to do that every day.

You can watch Gov. Walker’s exchange with Bob Schieffer below.


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5 thoughts on “Scott Walker exposes himself as being full of crap on foreign policy (VIDEO)

  1. Dear God, Palin was more coherent and spoke less of a word salad than that.

    And I really don’t think “hiring staff” is one of the things Walker wants to hang his hat on, given that 5 of his appointees in Milwaukee County went to jail I John Doe 1, and the complete failure of oversight over at WEDC. Oh, and hiring Keith Gilkes as Chief of Staff, who was the guy who told Scotty in Feb 2011 “It’s David Koch on line 1!”

    Hey media- Can we end this charade and get this dimwitted grifter off the stage? NOW?

  2. Oh, Jake, can’t we see him in a debate first? I really need to see some humiliation that even his cheerleaders can’t explain away.

    1. Sue- I’m starting to think that we might not even get the chance to see Scotty on the big stage, if you catch my drift.

      Besides, it’s not that funny anymore to see Walker peddle the lies and spin. It’s actually quite sickening and pathetic at this point.

  3. Sue- I’m starting to wonder if Scotty will even be able to step onto the stage, if you catch my drift.

    The evasions and dishonesty and easily-disproven BS just aren’t funny anymore. It’s embarrassing and infuriating. It has to be ended

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