Scott Walker signals intent to seek third term

Ugh…, no, NO!

As Walker gears up for Tuesday’s address at the statehouse, he’s working to shed the debt from his presidential bid and signaling he plans to run again for governor again in 2018.

“Our re-election campaign may seem like a long way off but the other side is already gearing up for a bruising battle,” the Republican governor wrote in a fundraising appeal to supporters on Monday.

The missive was aimed at helping retire more than $1 million in debt his federal campaign had amassed before he abandoned his run for president in September. But his phrasing is the clearest sign yet he hopes to run for a third term.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) said he wasn’t buying it, noting Walker’s low approval ratings as measured in polls by Marquette University Law School.

Given how low Gov. Walker’s approval ratings are, I can’t see him mounting a viable reelection campaign. Then again, there’s a lot of time between now and 2018, which gives him ample opportunity to bring his approval ratings up to a point where he’d once again be viable as a candidate for reelection.

It goes without saying that I hope Gov. Walker chooses not to run for reelection, because I believe he’s been an absolute blight on the state, and it’s clearly time for a change.


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10 thoughts on “Scott Walker signals intent to seek third term

  1. This has everything to do with the recent GAB filing where Walker blew almost $1 million out of his campaign account over the last 6 months, and has barely $20,000 in that account right now. He needs to trick enough dumb GOP donors into giving him money before he goes bankrupt.

    If you look at the numerous fiscal bombs in this budget and his tanking ratings, there’s no way he’s going to want to run for office in this state again and try to clean up the mess he’s caused. And no way the GOP elite will allow him, as that’s the best way that Dems get complete control of the state back.

    The real question is “What did “Friends of Scott Walker spend $1 million on?” It’ wasn’t his presidential campaign account, so was it being used that way illegally, and as a way around presidential donation limits?

    Inquiring minds in the media should want to know.

  2. It doesn’t matter what you believe, Zach. If God tells him to, he’s going to run.
    Vinehout 2018.

      1. I really think they should apologize for endorsing and promoting Walker for the last six years.

      2. Duane, they don’t endorse anymore, remember? They do end-run endorsements, as when they ran the editorial about how nerrrrrvousss they were about that Mary Burke person.
        They don’t have to endorse. They have their methods.

        1. Sue, thanks. I was aware of that fact, but I used it as a generic term meaning favor, support, approve, etc. I apologize.

          I stopped doing my life long Sunday read of the Journal Sentinel awhile back because of their Walker Endorsements and subsequent “end-run endorsements;” however, lately I have resumed my old Sunday practice.

          It appears to me the JS is more open currently to progressive opinions and truths such as by Gurda.and I was encouraged by his recent revelation and analysis. And, in any event it, is better to “know thy enemy” such as a false “Christian.”

          As an aside, I remember as a “Paper boy” for both when the Journal was the Democrat’s paper while the Sentinal was not, or so it was perceived by

  3. I’d give Mayor Barrett another shot. 3rd time’s the charm, you know… plus he’ll have lots of room on his (empty) Trolley for cameras and audio equipment to film some ads.

    1. It could be an unknown blogger like me vs Walker in 2018, and I’d likely win by double digits. And everywhere outside of the 262 Bubble world knows it.

      And you know who gets that as much as anyone? Scott Walker’s puppetmasters.

      1. Yes. It’s very telling that the Kochs or whomever else hasn’t swooped in to clean up Walker’s campaign debt.

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