The Racine Judge and the Lincoln Hills Scandal:

Letter to editor: Judge to Walker ‘I wrote directly to you’:

Dear Governor,

Your enemies have turned the Lincoln Hills matter into a personal attack against you. You and I know my letter to you was written to highlight a most grievous system failure, to hopefully prompt a full inquiry and cause change. I was neither enraged nor angry but deeply concerned that the system, and Lincoln Hills in particular, had failed the young man from Racine.

It appeared that the victim had been punished, that a most-serious crime had been marginalized, that a so-what attitude prevailed. My inquires to the administration there were met with silence. And so I wrote directly to you, attaching the very thorough and detailed report, anticipating that my communication would be acted upon by, at the least, the Department of Corrections administrator.

It has taken some time, but I am pleased that it now appears things may change.


Richard J. Kreul
Corpus Christi, Texas (formerly of Racine)

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