WI Sen. Steve Nass calls exit deal for UW-Whitewater Chancellor ‘a taxpayer-funded scam’

Interesting take on a sad situation: Sen. Steve Nass calls exit deal for UW-Whitewater Chancellor Beverly Kopper ‘a taxpayer-funded scam’

The chancellor of UW-Whitewater was forced to resign…i.e was fired by the board of regents…for alleged sexual harassment of female employees by her husband. I am not going to go into the particulars here and I don’t think we know the whole story. You can find more detail in the link above or HERE or HERE or HERE. (btw: when is someone responsible for the sins of their spouse?)

But the University as many businesses often do when they fire someone, essentially granted Chancellor Kopper a severance package. shrug? But essentially she will receive here chancellor salary until she returns to a faculty position in the fall. If I were running a university like a business, this seems pretty reasonable to get rid of upper management that I don’t want working for me anymore. If I were running the university as a university I would have given the chancellor a ‘sabbatical’.

But State Senator Steve Nass (R-Whitewater) sees all kinds of nonsense brewing here. It’s a ‘taxpayer funded scam’! A common sense customary business practice around a firing to remove a manager is a scam? Well you bet…to the tune of $160,000. OMG! Senator Nass needs to get out more!

It’s fair warning that even Wikipedia lists Sen. Nass as an adversary of the UW system…but ironically he has two degrees from UW-Whitewater. shrug 2?

But lets see…Senator Nass supported the lame duck legislation to strip the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general of power, hasn’t had any opposition to the $28 million (million) giveaway that lame duck Governor Scott Walker awarded profitable international conglomerate Kimberly-Clark, who voted for the lame duck bills to financially help profitable furniture manufacturer Ashley Furniture, who voted for the $3+ billion (billion) tax credit bill for Foxconn, and voted in favor of another income tax cut for Wisconsinites making over $200 thousand a year to use up the internet sales tax ‘windfall’.

He’s supported billions of dollars in ‘taxpayer funded scams’ over the past year or so and he’s worried about $160,000 in severance pay? Really?

And considering state financial support for the University of Wisconsin System has steadily declined this century…more rapidly under Governor Scott Walker…the state barely provides 17% of the university’s revenue per the last biennial budget. Senator Nass: under that scenario the State of Wisconsin can barely lay claim to ownership of the UW System. (the students provide more revenue via tuition despite the freeze on that) You wanna grouse about $160,000…you and the rest of the state needs to step up to the plate and support the university properly.

Now in case you think that the chancellor wasn’t ousted instead of wanting to ‘retire’ from her office, here is her resignation letter in its entirety:

“I am aware that the Board of Regents would like different leadership for UW-Whitewater and thus I hereby render my resignation as Chancellor effective Dec. 31, 2018.”  


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  1. Well, he’s from Whitewater, so he has a right to be concerned about what goes on at the University…oh wait, no. His state senate district was carefully drawn to cut out Whitewater. Maybe he should be worried about things that are actually happening in the area he’s elected to represent?

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