Nancy Pelosi Is The New Speaker of the House, BUT:

The news articles are already flowing about this Dem wanting to subpoena the president’s taxes. And that Dem wants to start impeachment proceedings. And this Dem wants to open over sight hearings on this and that Dem wants to open over sight hearings on that!


The government is shut down. The entire immediate effort in Congress and the Senate should be to come to agreement to re-open the government and leverage the president into signing it. The country can’t wait. Our employees can’t wait. This is absurd.

And we do in fact have a crisis at the border…but it isn’t one that a wall will fix. We need more resources to accept and review applications for asylum. We need additional housing for immigrants taken into custody or being processed for their asylum claims. We need food and clothing and medical assistance at the border.

Do we need help from the United Nations? Do we need help from Doctors without Borders? Should the president declare a FEMA level disaster? How do we reduce the suffering of the tens of thousands of people who feel so threatened in their homelands that they are fleeing to the USA?


And then start pushing the legislation that you ran on. The promises you made that got you elected. Put them out there. Explain them to the American people…you will need their buy in to get them passed in the Senate (and the Oval Office). We have health care to fix. We have immigration reform to complete. We have climate change to remediate. Do the things you were elected to do!

Later…there will be time for investigations, hearings, subpoenas, etc. Really there will!

In the meantime let’s show the country that we can govern!


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6 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi Is The New Speaker of the House, BUT:

  1. Amen! We very much agree on the need to prioritize. The nation elected Democrats to govern and prove worthy of the responsibility of being in the House majority. Checks and balances is also a most needed lever with the House, but this must be done in tandem with legislative priorities. I wish progressives, who wish to push House Democrats to act faster than events allow (Mueller has months left to travel before a report is offered), will acknowledge the need for pragmatism. I strongly concur, Ed, lets govern and show the nation how that is done!

  2. In agreement with your sentiment on the priority, but I’ve little faith in Pelosi or any of the Democrats in the coming session to turn to the left in any fashion on any issue.

    Pelosi’s “pay-go,” suggestions will quash any half serious attempt at universal health care before it gets out of the barn, for starters. Military won’t be touched except to expand it, Africom anyone?. The leadership corporate Dems don’t care any more about killing civilians for financial profits for the few, than the Republicans do as in nothing will be done to mitigate global warming. Pick any issue, but I’ll stop there.

  3. Ed, it was not the nebulous legislation or the pie in the sky promises that propelled Nancy to the speakership. It was hatred of the President. You can’t reason with rage. In a similar vein, you can’t negotiate with intransigence. To make any deal impossible, Chunky and Nancy are cemented in a never position for any shovel ready job on the border. The real compassion of the progressive putsch will be felt by the suffering of tens of thousands in the coming months.

    1. Sorry Nemo, I see that you are still lost and nobody has yet found you with any facts, political logic or common sense.

      Few people have the time to waste to hate Trump. Most people I know are looking out for their less fortunate neighbors, volunteering at public schools and participating in serving on various local government boards, with their charitable organizations and/or doing hands-on environmental remediation. People I associate with have gone through certification to officially test and monitor surface water run-off for the greater good of their communities and at their own expense to provide data for the DNR and county conservation departments.

      What we can’t reason with are lies, blaming and misconceptions coming from commentators like yourself, so for the most part we ignore you and what you say.

      There is plenty of “shovel ready” work needing to be done not prioritized in your white supremacist and racially bigoted ignorance, prioritizing of a border wall.

  4. nonquixote, always a pleasure.

    Hate for trump wastes time? It’s not like you and yours had a daily period in which Party members must watch a film depicting the Donald (or Walker, or Emmanuel Goldstein) and express their hatred for them for a few minutes. I’d think you’d save that Orwellian chestnut for November 4th, 2020. No, hate like love, money, or honor, can be used to motivate. It’s just that the results of darker motivations can be less rational and more rash.

    I find that it’s often instructive to read and hear what the other political side is thinking. Open mindedness can push your epistemic closer to reality and inhibit an ossified idea from becoming a core doctrine. That being said, it’s almost always desirable to dismiss the virtue signaling of a moral narcissist.

  5. Have the State of the Union, but instead of the Representatives, have each one invite a government employee on furlough to sit in their seat and listen to the President. See what he can say to them!

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