53 – 47. When Will Ron Johnson Get Tired Of Being On The Wrong Side Of History?

53 to 47 was the final Senate vote in approving Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States. It was basically along partisan lines save for three ‘moderate’ Republicans. It shouldn’t have been anywhere near this close. It should have been a given. Judge Brown Jackson is more qualified than all of the three jurists appointed by the former president put together.

And of course Wisconsin’s biggest elected skid mark since Senator Joseph McCarthy, Senator Ron Johnson was amongst the 47. And he essentially had nothing favorable to say about the appointee….even whining that he didn’t have enough time to meet with her. Well, it seems plenty of other senators did. Of course he could have watched the hearings on C-Span like the rest of the nation…I mean…it’s not like he’s doing anything useful in Washington.

OTOH: at least he was consistent as opposed to a number of Republican senators who declared her qualified but voted against her anyway.

It shouldn’t have been anywhere near this close: not by a long shot. And it wasn’t always like this. For instance? One of the mfs we loved to hate, Antonin Scalia was approved 98 – 0. And the darling of the left, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was approved 96 – 3. We should have seen similar numbers for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.


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