RNC Brings 2024 Circus To Milwakee: Some Lessons For The GOP In Madison??

From former Gov. Tommy Thompson’s “Stick it to ’em”, to Scott Walker’s ACT 10 attack, and on to the continued shared revenue cut backs for Milwaukee coming out of GOP Madison, suddenly there is some bi-partisan making nice going on as RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says Milwaukee has it all.

On Friday Republicans made it official: They’re coming to Milwaukee for their 2024 presidential nominating convention.

“I looked at what type of experience this would be for our delegates and our nominee and Milwaukee just hit it on every single level,” McDaniel told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an interview.

The summer weather, the lakefront, the facilities and a mayor of a Democratic city open to being host to thousands of Republican delegates.

We’re going to be meeting with local vendors and we’re going to work hand in hand with the community to make sure that this is a bipartisan event used to showcase the wonderful community and the people of Milwaukee.”

And then she had some pretty nice things to say about Mayor Cavalier Johnson, a Democrat!

During her public remarks at Friday’s signing ceremony, McDaniel lauded Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson for his cooperation and eagerness to win the bid.

“He is a great mayor and I’m saying it as a Republican,” said McDaniel, who added “there is a bipartisan moment happening.”

This is an indication of Mayor Johnson’s mindset on running Milwaukee. One of the planks in his campaign platform was going to Madison and working with the ruling GOP legislators to improve the city whether safety, infrastructure, education, etc. This action should prove to the state GOP that the mayor can be worked with and should be worked with. It will be interesting to see if Speaker Vos, et al. can overcome their animosity toward the city and work to improve Milwaukee and there by the state of Wisconsin.

And now let’s move on to the progressive and liberal activists who didn’t want the RNC to come to Milwaukee because…well…the Republican Party are pariahs. And yes, the current version of the Republican Party are pariahs. Many of their electeds at both the national and state levels are insurrectionists, 2020 election deniers, and anti-American despite their waving the flag and declaring themselves patriots. These mind numb, drooling fascists are determined to prove Sinclair Lewis right: “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross”. (btw: there is no proof that Lewis actually said that quote directly. it was probably synthesized from his writings in a similar vein)

Hopefully, that trend is of the moment and not permanent. But the GOP is one of two major parties. They are a legal entity and have the right to hold their nominating convention where ever they choose. And why not in Milwaukee? And of course a number of groups promise to protest the convention…as is their right…but there is no reason that Milwaukee should turn down the RNC. None.

Jovanny Hernandez / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

But I do have a question for the City of Milwaukee. In the photo published in the paper of the dignitaries at the signing announcement, why is there only one woman? And why is that the Chair of the Republican National Committee? And while I am asking questions, why does the Milwaukee Fire Chief look like a 4 star general from a Cold War era war movie?

[and side joke: why isn’t the sheriff wearing a Stetson?]


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