So Now We Have The CHIPS bill…Can We Manufacture The Dang Things In That Money Pit In Mount Pleasant.

So the feds have passed a bill to encourage and subsidize the manufacture of computer chips in the United States. And the president has signed it. Besides increasing manufacturing opportunities in this country, the secondary goal is to solve some of the supply chain issues that are vexing any number of American manufacturers. The shortage of chips has stalled production of hundreds of items including automobile production.

Part of the legacy of failure of the Walker and Trump administrations is the money pit in Mount Pleasant, Racine County, Wisconsin. Right smack in the middle of Rep. Robin Vos’s assembly district. You know, the Foxconn boondoggle? Local governments are still paying dearly to support what is essentially a do nothing plant.

It was initially going to manufacture hi tech TV screens and the got downsized so many times now that no one is certain what, if anything, they are actually manufacturing there. But it seems like it would be the ideal place to make chips. The infrastructure is all in place: roads, power, water, and additional space to grow.

Do you think Vos will be bold enough to support the change? Or will he stab Wisconsin in the back again just to thwart Biden?


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3 thoughts on “So Now We Have The CHIPS bill…Can We Manufacture The Dang Things In That Money Pit In Mount Pleasant.

  1. The industry finds most plants in Southeast Asia being a popular destination for chip makers. FoxConn has signed up plants in India and also this year in Malaysia, Whatever the dynamics of supply lines, workers, etc when it comes to problems for the WI plant likely means that Foxconn has jettisoned our state in favor of where the economics has placed many such companies with international reach. I am pleased with recent law in U.S. as it should never have been in question that we further develop and deepen own semiconductor industries, if for no other reason that supply chain issues.

    1. I am not thinking that I want Foxconn to manufacture chips in Wisconsin. I think Wisconsin should seize the plant under eminent domain and sell it to a chip manufacturer.

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