So You Are Down On Biden Because He Didn’t Accomplish Everything He Promised? Well It’s YOUR Fault.

Given the mess that the Trump regime left him and the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, President Biden has still had some major accomplishments in his first term. But yes, he missed the mark on some of his campaign promises…but that isn’t that unusual either.

And passing favored legislation in a divided government is hard enough, even when there are moderates across the aisle and room to make concessions. But given the current climate in the US and the out and out divisiveness under the Capitol’s dome…it’s amazing he got done what he did.

But yes, many of the misses are YOUR fault. When you keep sending people like MTG, Gaetz, Jordan, Boebert, Cruz, Santos, Ron Johnson, Grothman, Fitzgerald, etc to Congress…this is what you get.


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