Dems: Get Your Campaign Sh*t Together. We Can’t Afford Anymore Losses.

I know that I have complained about this a number of times. But it just seems to getting worse. I will not be scared into contributing to your campaign. And the nonsense that the Democratic Party and the Democratic candidates is just getting more arcane week after week after. I have stopped contributing to campaigns that use scare tactics.

And now they’ve started putting MY name in the from portion of the email solicitations. This is just plain stupid. Send me an email asking for money, tell me who the flock you are upfront. Guess what? The one’s I get from the Trump/Pence 2020 campaign tell me who they are.

Anywhere, exhibit A from today’s email:

Trump Just Collapsed? WTF? Here’s the text that went with it. What the hell does the headline mean in comparison to the solicitation text?


This can’t be happening to us now.

This morning, Republicans rushed a last-minute $1 MILLION to win the House.

Then, for the first time in MONTHS, analysts just predicted Republicans could actually win.

Now, we’re going on the ATTACK and launching our largest voter turnout rescue operation in Democratic HISTORY. We need 7,982 gifts before midnight to fund it. >>

Edward, this historic plan WILL work.

It WILL turn out more Democratic voters than ANYONE thought possible.

It WILL help us win and SAVE President Obama’s legacy.

But ONLY if we can fully fund it by midnight and launch it TOMORROW.

We’re running out of time to respond. Will you step up with $1?

Paid for by the DCCC | 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003 | (202) 863-1500 | | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

They did not pry any George Washingtons from my hand with this one!

Wisconsin GOP Hypocrisy On Outside Campaign Money!

A number of outside groups affiliated with Democrats are spending $1 million in Wisconsin in support of long shot Democratic candidates.

But what’s most interesting from this article is the Republican Party response:

Alec Zimmerman, a spokesman for the state Republican Party, said the effort shows Democrats are committed to spending as much as they can to try to get control of state government.

“This just confirms what Republicans have been saying all along — outside money from liberal special interests is pouring into Wisconsin to undo Republican reforms and take Wisconsin backward,” he said by email.

Uhmmm….and there is absolutely no outside money in Wisconsin supporting GOP candidates? I bet there is [sarcasm]!

Anyway, if this is such a concern about outside money pouring into the state, I will be waiting for Republican legislation in the next session to put a lid on it. I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Governor Walker Decries Outside Money in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race!

While taking a desperate swipe at his opponent for governor, Wisconsin’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers, GOP incumbent Governor Scott Walker decried the amount of outside money being spent to support Mr. Evers.

GOP Gov. Scott Walker accused his opponent Wednesday of being “bought and paid for by the unions” and decried spending by outside groups, even though Walker has gotten more than $40 million in help from such groups over the years.

So the $40 Million Man thinks the pittance that the teachers’ unions still have available to spend on elections is a bought and sold situation for Mr. Evers. What an incredible hypocrite in the governor’s office…but we all knew that already.

Two simple solutions Gov. Walker:

Demand that third parties stop spending money in support of your campaign…essentially put your mouth where the money is.

Your first item of business in Madison this fall…get rid of third party and dark money from Wisconsin campaigns. I dare you!!

And why is the governor mentioning this now?

Tuesday’s poll showed Evers leading Walker 49 points to 44 points.

Editor’s update 9/20/18: Bruce Murphy’s take on this subject: The Best Governor Money Can Buy

GOP US Senate Candidates Bemoan Outside Campaign Ads!

Apparently Wisconsin’s Next PAC is supporting Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir in her Republican primary campaign for US Senate against businessman Kevin Nicholson. The PAC is running an ad campaign in favor of Senator Vukmir that is trending negative against Mr. Nicholson. Not all that surprising.

Of course Mr. Nicholson’s campaign took offense to the ads but Senator Vukmir’s stance?

The Vukmir campaign said it can’t control ads run by outside groups.

Well….maybe yes…maybe no…but Senator Vukmir could have condemned the ads but apparently she thinks they were helping her. She’s not adverse to negative campaign gigs: State Senator Leah Vukmir Identifies Domestic Terrorist

And then Vukmir supporter, Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald jumped into the fray:

Fitzgerald also raised questions about what he called the “Kevin Nicholson direct mail barrage” being paid for by third-party groups.

Hmmm. Interesting.

So given the fact that both campaigns seem to be the target of uncontrollable third party campaign ad assaults…and they aren’t enjoying it…where are their campaign planks for campaign finance reform? Anyone? When they win the primary and possibly defeat incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin will either introduce campaign finance reform legislation in Washington? On the first day I bet [sarcasm]!

Democrats Behaving Badly: Rookie Edition: Charisse Daniels

Twenty-nine year old Charisse Daniels appeared to be ready to challenge incumbent Republican Wisconsin Assembly Representative John Jagler in the 37th district. Except she couldn’t get the simplest things right in establishing her campaign.

First she started accepting campaign contributions before she had set up a campaign account. That is a particularly big miss. And it caused the Republicans to file a complaint…which made it a sure thing that they would challenge the signatures turned in later.

And then she turned in 201 signatures on her nomination papers for an office that requires a minimum of 200. Every novice candidate gets it drilled into their head to submit twice the minimum to account for occasional duplicates, the funny guys who sign Mickey Mouse or people who mistakenly sign when they are out of the district. It is usually easy to find a handful of names to challenge or for an election board to declare a few invalid. So 201 is cutting it too close for anyone’s comfort.

But it didn’t stop there. It is alleged that more than a few signatures on her nomination papers were forged. The signatories when asked said they never signed her papers and some said they didn’t even know who she is. And those alleged forgeries were on nomination papers that Ms. Daniels herself had collected.

[For those of you who haven’t solicited nomination papers, besides a signers signature, name, address and date signed, the person circulating the papers has to also date and sign each page they collect. This provides a trail on who is collecting the signatures.]

And although a rookie candidate, Ms. Daniels did complete training via Emerge Wisconsin, a group that trains prospective Democratic women candidates. So Ms. Daniels had the knowledge and tools at her disposal to run an effective campaign, and I imagine a lot of new friends and associates who would have helped with the details and the ground work as needed.

Well, it looks like Ms. Daniels is not going to dispute the issue.

Daniels, a 29-year-old Watertown resident, missed the deadline for responding in writing to a complaint accusing the first-time candidate of submitting dozens of forged signatures on her nomination papers.

“I have no comment,” said Michael Maistelman, attorney for Daniels.

This is too bad on a number of levels. Ms. Daniels probably won’t have another opportunity to run for office. And this assembly district will not have a challenger to the incumbent, essentially handing the district back to the GOP and Rep. Jagler.