Fake outrage

This week Sly in the morning was mocking Rebecca Kleefisch and a story that was on the news. The original story was about Rebecca Kleefisch cold calling(yes seriously) businesses in Illinois asking them to re-locate to WI. While deservedly mocking her and the reporter for not asking any questions(like aren’t taxes are still higher in WI) he got a little carried away. WKOW story here also.

Milwaukee hate jock Charlie Sykes, must listen everyday because he is trying to take it national.

Sly actually did apologize for accusing Ms. Kleefisch of performing sexual acts on the hate talk radio jocks in order to win her primary. He did step over the line in accusing her of that(which is why he apologized) but the greater point was pointing out the strong influence that the daily hate radio mumblers in Milwaukee have in the Republican party.

He has also fallen under fire for allegedly “mocking” her cancer. That he never did and is a disingenious complaint from the right. He just pointed out how morally reprehensible she is for making it her main goal to end health care for all, while being a cancer survivor thanks to her taxpayer funded cadillac health care plan. The same thing we have pointed out before.

He also rightly pointed out how amateurish it was for MS. Kleefisch to be cold calling companies like coupon cabin dot com to ask them to move to WI. It is almost embarrassing to the state of WI to have the Lieutenant Governor doing that, and if that is the key to Walkers 68 page job plan, then he will be lucky to bring in 250 jobs in 4 years much less 250,000.

I would link to the fake outrage of the right wing cheddarsphere, but it is just too disingenious and tiring.

I personally think it was done to keep the pressure off of the disgustingly racist things that Glenn Grothman had to say about Martin Luther King.


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35 thoughts on “Fake outrage

  1. This explains a lot. The way you hang on every word Sly says…and then have the nerve to defend him. You got things mixed big time. There is no difference between you listening to Sly and those on the right who listen to Sykes. You are equally disturbed (and fake).

  2. I never said i “hang on every word” sly says, I said I listen to him daily. There is a difference. I disagree with him plenty, I was just defending him in this instance and pointing out the fake outrage from the right.

  3. Another “Proud” progressive defending vile attacks on women while, I’m sure, telling himself or herself that they stand up for women’s rights, etc… Typical.

  4. It IS outrageous for anyone to suggest a woman got elected or promoted because she performed sex acts.

    If anything…it is hypocritical of them to be so outraged because many of the bloggers on the right are sexist pigs and have themselves degraded women when it suited them.

  5. And for the record…I do not care for Kleefisch as a person or politician. I’m not defending her per se…but rather I’m defending women in general from these kind of outrageous attacks. Kleefisch has done her own share of degrading innocent people who only want to be treated equally…so I wouldn’t waste my time defending her personally.

  6. Oh please, don’t start with the “women don’t deserve these kind of putdowns.” Kleefisch earned the sex chat rips, because that’s how she got her current gig. C’mon, it wasn’t her great command of issues or reality that made middle-age suburban men vote for her in the GOP primary. Let’s be honest about that, and after her lack of gratitude for having easy access to cancer treatments that most of us wouldn’t be able to get nor afford, she deserves to get criticism anywhere she goes.

    Was Sly out of line to say what he did on the air? Probably with the phone sex references, but unlike the Sykes/ Bellings of the world, he admitted it and apologized. The next Milltown hate jock that does the same will be the first, and the double-standard is disgusting.

    Speaking of double-standards, remind me how the right-wing radio hosts have treated strong-willed Dem women like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton?

      1. Jake said: “Oh please, don’t start with the “women don’t deserve these kind of putdowns.” Kleefisch earned the sex chat rips, because that’s how she got her current gig.”

        PP…first…you say Sly shouldn’t have said what he did about Kleefisch performing sex acts…and then you proclaim…”well said Jake”…when he completely agreed with Sly.

        Both you and Jake are sexist pigs. It’s obvious…you both might as well own it.

  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the opinion jocks apologized for their racist, misogynist, homophobic rants? But that would leave Rush with very little time for anything else.

    1. Pretty much. Honestly, while I do think what he said was out of line, the conservative jocks never apologize for their actions either way.

  8. It’s terribly ironic that you call the other guys “hate jocks” and then basically give Sly a free pass/defend his comments. The only one doing the hating here is Sly.

  9. Oh and why is it “fake outrage” to be upset by demeaning and disgusting comments about the Lt. Governor?

    This must be what you were all referring to the other week about the need for greater civility, right?

  10. Forgot— its fake outrage if you hear the words that the sykes and everyone else who is “so upset” by this say on a daily basis and its ok then. Yet they find a chance to pile on someone they disagree with and they cant imagine the horror of someone saying something so outrageous. Thats called fake outrage.

    As for civility, I think we should be more civil, but my point the other week was that politicians have a greater responsibility than everyone else to tone things down. I also made the point that when you advocate shooting someone and they get shot, then you have some responsibility there.

    1. Give me an example where Charlie Sykes ever said something on par with this garbage Sly was spewing. If he does so on a daily basis, then that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

        1. You really do have zero sense of critical thinking, don’t you? Seriously?

          Your evidence to support an argument that Syke’s rhetoric was as vicious as Sly’s was to link to a recording of Sly paraphrasing and mocking something Syke’s show. Without any actual clips or quotes from Sykes, just a rant and rave third hand?

          Do you honestly believe that’s a valid fact to support your claim? Or did you just put it out there figuring nobody would actually listen to it?

        2. I agree with Locke. That is actually not at all an example of vicious, Sly-like rhetoric. So, apparently, we still await an actual example of something Sykes actually said something on the order of Sly’s lowest common denominator.

          I encourage people to go listen to Sykes’ podcast of that segment from yesterday. A female caller claiming to be a nurse articulately described how the current high level of infant mortality has little to do with the amount of resources made available to the parents, but rather their irresponsible decisions to not avail themselves of such resources.

          1. Sorry I tried to listen but just couldnt. Not sure of the vitriol because it appears to be no one from the left can stomach listening to him on a daily basis to pull a sentence of hate out. There was nothing of value in terms of truth or intelligence in the time that I did listen.

            I was trying to listen to the part where he condemned belling for his anti semitic remarks, the same way he went after sly – couldn’t find them.

            Listening to the corporate whores who have no intention whatsoever of telling the truth really gets grating so I can only handle so much at a time.

              1. NO i listened to slys part, I just could not sit and listen to sykes ridiculous podcasts. I have heard enough sykes in my day to last me. I just was not going to sit and listen all day to start pushing everything hateful and stupid that he says.

                1. Funny. I listened to the entire Sly podcast you posted despite the fact that it was inflamatory drivel just to make sure there wasn’t actual clips from Sykes. I guess if you don’t want to be proven wrong or actually consider other viewpoints, it’s just easier to plug your ears.

                  And again – you use the Sly’s characture of what Sykes said as evidence to support your claim. Gonna step back and admit that’s ludicrous or just ignore it? If somebody said Sly said some horrible things, would you accept audio of Sykes talking about it it?

            1. So then your answer is a resounding no, Sykes does not spew what Sly does. Interesting that you can seem to only tolerate the one talk show host of the two who actually does spew hate. I can assure you that if Charlie Sykes ever made up something about a WI public official, left or right, regarding the sex acts that Sly mentioned, his listeners would have him fired by the end of the day.

              1. They spew different things. If you read the original post, the point was not that sly was perfectly innocent, it is that Sykes and the right were “pretending” to be so offended. Hence the FAKE OUTRAGE.

                Did Sykes make this big a deal when Jerry Bader said Barbara Lawton was a lesbian? Or at any of Bellings anti – semitism? Or even when Kleefisch equated Gay people to tables?

  11. Anon- Saying “it shouldn’t have been said on the air” does not mean Sly’s rip was without merit. I get how this can confuse the average limited Reublican, but these two statements do not cancel each other out.

    I treat women the same I treat men. Kleefisch is unqualified and her looks are the biggest reason middle-aged white male voters in suburban Milwaukee voted for her to get the job (and grab some Sykes transcipts on her if you don’t believe me). She is a disgusting human being clearly incapable of understanding that others are not as fortunate as her. I say the same about any equally vapid male politician (a less-articulate version of Paul Ryan comes to mind). You just can’t stand when it’s one of YOUR women getting ripped, but you’re more than glad to take it to any Dem woman who doesn’t succumb to fancy pageant-walking and your image of what women should be like.

    The double-standard is obvious and projection is not your friend. Your victimization act is beyond weak. It’s the big-boy and big-girl world, if you’re going to be in it, better be able to take it.

    1. Geez Jake…you are quite the angry fellow, eh?

      Charges of sexism clearly hold no value, or respect, in your mind. Do you feel the same about racism? About homophobia? Would you tell Al Sharpton or Bradley Manning (traitor/wiki-leaker) “Your victimization act is beyond weak. It’s the big-boy and big-girl world, if you’re going to be in it, better be able to take it”?

      Now that I think about it, your viewpoint with respect to this story in particular puts you in league most women’s rights and advocacy groups.

      1. “…Bradley Manning (traitor/wiki-leaker)…”

        You must be joking. So…now you think someone who leaks information (a whistle blower) is a traitor? Bloody hell…the irony is almost too much!

        1. Actually, I was trying to be neutral while referring to him. Some people think of him as a traitor, some a mere “whistle-blower.”

          BTW…Anon, what grand injustice did Manning bring to light with his leaking?

  12. For what it’s worth, I think Sly crossed the line with his comments, as evidenced by his subsequent apology.

    I also don’t believe Kleefisch deserved the kinds of attacks leveled against her by Sly, whether his comments were meant as a joke or not.

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