A new ad was launched today to help keep up the momentum of the recall movement(as if it needed it) and it is a powerful one.

“As a Republican my entire life I am appalled at what Scott Walker and the Republicans did,” says a corrections officer in the ad. “This hurts my family. It’s about my kids in school.”

“Republicans have declared war on the middle class and with this recall campaign we are fighting back and we are going to win,” says a woman at the end.


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5 thoughts on “Recall

  1. What that ad says is I am a union teacher I do not expect to pay my fair share I want you the middle class worker to pay more taxes so I can have my retirement and healthcare paid for by you. As a teacher YOU OWE it to me. SO after YOU the middle class taxpayer pays for your INSURANCE and YOUR RETIREMENT then we the teacher unions expect you to pay more out of YOUR paycheck and pay for US. I AM A UNION TEACHER and I DEMAND IT!

    That is what that ad is really saying.

  2. The bottom line is this—If walker’s policies worked for the GOOD of most, not even all Wisconsinites, they wouldn’t have to resort to subterfuge, middle of the night Shady Maneuvers, loopholes, and DEFYING court orders to pass bills.

    Just as walker woke up a sleeping and now hungry giant, fitzy has gone further and gave it food and made it stronger!!

  3. Just as Walker woke up A sleeping giant, take away the children and out of state astro turfer’s, your left with A small fanatical group of extremist

  4. Agreed ray, all of the out of state astro turfers greatly increased the tea party numbers. So much so that the media was tricked into thinking they were relevant.

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