It’s Still, Still, STILL NOT WORKING, Governor Walker

Remember those hefty tax giveaways to private corporations, our good friends the “job creators?”  Yeah, that didn’t work out so well.

Tax credits, while costly for state taxpayers, aren’t returning on the investment. I guess President Obama’s investments in the private sector aren’t the only investments that merit a very public investigation.

Forty percent of Wisconsin businesses that recently completed tax-credit programs tied to job creation failed to hire as many people as they expected, according to a newspaper analysis that raises questions about how effectively tax credits translate into jobs.

… [O]f the 191 other businesses still active in the program, just 8% created the required number of jobs to earn the credits, according to a report Friday in the Wausau Daily Herald.

Economic-development experts and business leaders – including some who received the incentives – say state tax credits are only a small factor in spurring new jobs. They say the biggest factor in hiring is increased demand for a company’s product or service.

The next GOPer who uses the phrase “job killing regulations” get’s a coconut cream pie to the face.  That’s what you do to clowns.

Tax cuts for business don’t work when you’re facing a zero-bound interest rate environment (aka the liquidity trap).  Access to capital is not the problem.  Aggregate demand is the problem.  We have a classic Keynesian demand side problem both in Wisconsin and in the nation.  The business leader say it, the economists say it.  What more do you need?

But this obsessive fixation on tax cuts across the board as the solution to all ills reminds me of the medieval medical practice of bleeding.  It’s prescribed for all ailments and it generally makes the patient sicker.  Well done, Tea Party GOP!  Well done!


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9 thoughts on “It’s Still, Still, STILL NOT WORKING, Governor Walker

  1. It’s working Scarr , what’s not working is using old people in wheel chairs that can barely hold onto their recall signs.One old lady couldn’t even speak. You blue fisted haters are despicable

  2. I live in Florida (formerly in MKE) and a study found the same result here. Of course the State has not kept complete records so it was hard to identify. Now Gov. Scott wants more money and more freedom to spend as he sees fit. It gets worse, I can’t believe I actually sometimes miss Jeb Bush.

  3. I like the bloodletting analogy; hadn’t heard that one before. Temperature? Let some blood. Nausea? Bleed ’em. Tooth Ache? Open a vein. Just replace the malady with anything from runaway inflation to doldrums and blood letting with lower taxes and government spending. Ridiculous. During the economic slowdown in the early ’70s, even Milton Friedman opined “We are all Keynesians now.”

  4. Scarr what side of your face are you talking out of now.You were just crying how the banks and the one percent are sitting on all the money,now you say capital is not A problem. Just like the moonbats OWS, you don’t know what the hell your talking about. Thank god Doyle and the bleeding is over.Another year and Obama and the hemorrhaging will be over.

    Scarr just say no to the hate, it might make you feel better

    1. Seriously? We’re in 6th grade calling each other by our last names? REALLY?

      Go learn something about economics then come back here and we’ll talk.

  5. Really Scarr ,you should take your advice and learn something.Everyday your so predictable,nothing but the same old dem talking points.And lately you have been wrong or just flat out lying. Schools are better off and now teachers are coming around and confessing Walkers plan is working.

    1. I’m sorry if the facts have a liberal bias. Schools are certainly not better off nor are “teachers” coming around. You say these things yet you provide no evidence for it. At least I have data to back up my positions. All you have is TeaOP hot air.

    2. You’re hardly one to talk about the same old talking points, considering what you spew when you happen to visit. It’s the same tired conservative talking points regurgitated.

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